Diamond and President Kagame pose for a memento photo

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After warming up the Kigalians at the opening concert of the ‘Giants of Africa’ Festival, Diamond platinumz and President Paul Kagame took a souvenir photo.

This happened on the night of August 13, 2023 when Diamond as one of the artists invited to the opening ceremony of the ‘Giants of Africa’ Festival performed in Kigali.

When he was in the middle of his performance, he said: “Rwandans are lucky to have President Kagame, you have this building (BK Arena) and I wish it was ours, when you come to Rwanda you immediately feel the difference, it is a peaceful country, a beautiful city Clean, everything is in line, I am proud of you President, I love you!”

After these words, when Diamond had finished singing, he met President Kagame where he was sitting and asked him to take a a souvenir picture. It is one of the most trending on social media.

The 33 year old Tanzanian bred musician expressed his excitement to be performing in Kigali saying “I come from the east of Africa and that makes Rwanda my home” which riled up the crowd and set the right tone for his performance.

Platnumz performed his most popular hits including Jeje, Inama, Tetema, and Why which he collaborated on with artiste The Ben. The audience seemed to have enjoyed the performances and his impressive dance moves. The sold out show then came to a close after his performance, however the festival continues on for the rest of the week.


Diamond and President Kagame pose for a memento photo
Diamond and President Kagame pose for a memento photo

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