Junior Rumaga Biography-Rwandan poet, age,family& Life Story

Junior Rumaga Biography-Rwandan poet, age,family& Life Story


in Ruhango, Rwanda
Birth Name;Hakizimana Joseph Junior
career name;Junior Rumaga 
Height;(1.75 m)

Mini Bio 

Junior Rumaga, whose parents’ name is Hakizimana Joseph Junior with a height of 1.75m, he was born on July 3, 1999. His mother is UWIHAYE Domithille and his father is YOHANI BOSCO PASCAR . He was born in the Ruhango district in the Mbuye sector known as Kigabiro in rubona in a family of three brothers. When he was young, his family moved to Muhanga where he grew up.

He did his primary schooling at St. Dominic  U.L.G.[Universite ladiophonique de Gitarama].A level  ‘Tronc Commun’ studied at the Minor Seminary of Kansi (Astrida), and completed his secondary education at the School of Group scolaire St. Joseph BIRAMBO (in Gashali) in the Faculty of physics, chemistry, and Biology (PCB).

He continued his studies at the University of Rwanda college of education (UR-Rukara Campus), where he studied  “Biology and Physical Education.
When he was a child, he used to listen to the Radio a lot, especially listening to plays and other things that made him feel that he would grow up to be a journalist or an actor.
When Junior Rumaga was young, he never thought of himself as someone who would write poetry, because he felt that it was only for kings and authors.
he grew up like to procrastinate and talk a lot among others, so that often when he started a conversation he would see his friends blessed but he didn’t know that it was a gift on the card
He began to realize that his talent would be useful during his second year of high school.
This time, the teacher asked them to compose a poem, when this young man said his, the whole school shouted, “Listen to this , listen to this.”
That’s how he got into poetry. After that, he participated in school poetry competitions and won them. Cups for the bearers.
When he was studying in the fifth year of high school, this young man came to know that there was a competition that was looking for assistant poets and he had to participate in it. He was assisted by the patron (Animateur) Rwantambara Steven who used to help him participate in competitions mixed with helping him in real life.
In the competition he lost, but his skills left the organizer who gave him the opportunity to work with him, they signed a three-year contract. This contract was supposed to start in 2017, but it didn’t happen, because they broke up without publishing any single poem, He decided to work on himself.
From then on, Rumaga continued to write poetry but became more intelligent
When he participated in the Kigali poetry competition, in judges, there was a young man who loves poetry very much, Innocent Bahati, who is often called Rubebe, he saw the way RUMAGA behaved and promised to help him.
Their friendship begins when Bahati starts helping Rumaga a lot and becomes one of the people who give him financial and emotional support.
Then the friendship grew and gave birth to brotherhood until they lived together in the house as elder and younger brother
Rumaga published his first poem on September 13, 2019, and Rwandans welcomed him and his voice in poetry began to be heard. It was amazing to him how Rwandans welcomed him so unexpectedly that he started things that people were not used to. His skill, his handwriting, and the way he uses the videos of poetry as something that is not common in the art of Rwanda poetry makes people love him so much, yes there are people who say that they love poetry because of him
He continued to release many more: Wumva Ute?, Unbreakable promise, Nzoga, Ivanjiri, umudiaspora… he even made an album called ‘Mawe’[mother]: the album of this poet has 10 poems.
There is also “Intango y Ubumuwe” in which he met with Mr Kagame, Bulldogg and the late Yvan Buravan, “Ivangiri II” he worked with Alpha Rwirangira, “Komera Mukobwa”, “intambara yibinyobwa” he worked with Rukizangabo and Rusine Patrick and ” Komera Mukobwa”.
All the poems on this volume are full of his life, but what he called  “Mawe” is the one that is special.
The poem “Mawe” is about his life. 80% of what is said in this poem is about his personal life.”
Among the many works he has done is sigarwanda.com, which he started with poets including Saranda Poetes, Tuyisenge Olivier, Dinah Poetes and Fefe Kalume.
Rumaga Junior of Nsekanabo  has other gifts in his possession. He is umutahira, a wrestler, a wedding celebrant, a book and song writer, a film and theater writer and actor and a professional sports coach.
The songs he wrote are many hits and hits in Rwanda and abroad

JUNIOR RUMAGA Biodata and Biography

Name HAKIZIMANA Joseph Junior
Sex Male
Date Of Birth 3 July  1999
Age 23 Years (as in 2022)
Profession / Occupation Actor, Songwriter,  scrivener,  Director and Choreographer
Mother Tongue kinyarwanda
Religion Christian
Nation Rwanda
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Height  1,75m
First poem WUMVA UTE ? (2019)
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     Qualification Graduate
College  University of Rwanda college of Education


Junior Rumaga Biography-Rwandan poet, age,family& Life StoryJunior Rumaga Biography-Rwandan poet, age,family& Life Story

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