Some fans think Shakib is ‘uncomfortable’ in Zari’s presence

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Some fans think Shakib is ‘uncomfortable’ in Zari’s presence,On Tuesday evening, socialite Zari Hassan posted several pictures of her hanging out with her husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya at a club.

Zari quoted the pictures saying that it is moments like these when she lets herself go with the love of her life.

“The only time ull catch me tripping…. with my husband,” she wrote under the photos, which she linked into a video.

Hundreds of netizens gathered under the post, some giving positive comments while others were negative.

Some netizens complained about the huge age difference between Shakib and the mother of five.

“Am I the only one who thinks this guy is so young?” beckleon.e responded under that Instagram post.

Some fans noticed Shakib’s ‘sad’ face and claimed that he seemed dissatisfied with the Ugandan entertainer. “(Shakib) Looks uncomfortable in most of those pictures,” c_life_live said.

iam_makati said, “It’s like Shakib was put in the picture.”

One fan, however, pointed out that the Ugandan man is over 30 years old and pointed out that the Islamic religion, which is the religion of Zari and her husband, allows a woman to marry a younger man.

Zari, who seemed to be impressed by the fan’s comments, replied, “Let them hold their throats.”

Zari Hassan and Shakib got married in an Islamic ceremony known as a Nikkah last month after dating for about a year.

The two exchanged rings in a private ceremony that was attended by a small number of people including family members and friends.

Shakib was seen getting down on one knee and happily putting on Zari’s wedding ring before the two exchanged kisses while the few people who attended the event celebrated with applause.

Zari Hassan is currently 42 years old while her husband Shakib turned 31 in December last year.

Some fans think Shakib is 'uncomfortable' in Zari's presence
Some fans think Shakib is ‘uncomfortable’ in Zari’s presence

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