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10 signs she not into you anymore

It’s hard to know what a girl really thinks of you, especially if she doesn’t communicate clearly or often. Fortunately, there are certain signs that she isn’t into you that will make it abundantly clear if she does not reciprocate your feelings and interests. Don’t waste any more time trying to get her attention if these situations apply to you, as it will only lead to disappointment and wasted time. You deserve someone who makes you feel amazing about yourself!

1) The I Have A Boyfriend Lie

This is one of the most painful. It means she isn’t willing to let you in at all, so it means that she is either stringing you along or simply isn’t into you. If she is stringing you along, just remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and if she genuinely just doesn’t want to be with you then leave her alone and don’t bother trying anymore.

2) She Tries To Avoid Gazing At You

10 signs she not into you anymore
She Tries To Avoid Gazing At You

If she’s not trying to lock eyes with you, then she probably isn’t that into you. Eye contact is a sign of intimacy and connection so if you want to know if she’s feeling the same way as you, see how long it takes for her to glance your way. If her eyes dart away from yours as soon as you catch hers, then it may be time to call it quits before things get too serious.
If she is into you, then she will likely want to lock eyes with you because it helps her to feel connected to you. In fact, if you try and catch her eye, but she avoids looking at you for more than a few seconds at a time, then that may be an indication that she isn’t feeling what you are feeling.

3) Her Texts Are Short, Cautious and Childish

10 signs she not into you anymore

You may have noticed that when you text your girlfriend she’ll reply with short sentences and less than a handful of words. I wouldn’t take this as a good sign. When someone is interested in the person they’re talking to, they’ll usually engage back in a long dialogue about what the two are talking about or their interests, which can vary from the simple topics like food to other important things like relationships and family members. A girl who doesn’t care will not invest as much time into texts as one who does, so it should be evident early on if she just wants something casual or if there’s an actual connection between you two.

4) Her Friends Play Cupid

It may be time to dump your current girlfriend if she does any of the following:
-She constantly gets angry at you for no reason.
-She doesn’t show up for important events, like birthdays or meetings with potential employers.
-She can’t meet your friends and family.
-She says things like I don’t want to hurt your feelings or this relationship is not healthy.

5) Everything You Ask Her Is A No

10 signs she not into you anymore
Everything You Ask Her Is A No

1. Do you like me? No.
2. Would you ever want to be my girlfriend? No.
3. Can I kiss you? Nope.
4. Will you have sex with me? Uh-uh.
5. Will you marry me? Absolutely not.

6) It Feels Like An Interview

We’ve all been in the situation. Things are going great and the conversation flows, she laughs at your jokes, she eagerly leans forward when you’re telling her a story about yourself. But then suddenly it feels like an interview: her responses seem perfunctory and guarded. There is less laughter and leaning in. She interrupts to ask you questions, not the other way around. There are awkward pauses as she searches for something to say. Your instinct tells you that this is not what people do with someone they’re into.

7) She Uses The Word Weird A Lot In Conversation

If she continues to use the word weird in conversation, that means she doesn’t like you. At this point, she will most likely walk away or reject your advances for a date. If you’re planning on asking her out anyway, don’t be surprised if she says no. But how can you tell if she thinks you’re weird? Here are some signs:
-She avoids eye contact with you (or tries to) and won’t look at your face.
-She shows no emotion when talking to you and may sometimes roll her eyes or make negative facial expressions while saying uh huh repeatedly.
She doesn’t text back unless it’s absolutely necessary.

8) You Don’t Hear From Her For Days At A Time…And Then All Of A Sudden, She Calls And Texts Back And Forth All Day Long…For No Reason Whatsoever

It happens so often that I don’t think anything of it, my friend once told me. Every time she doesn’t call for a few days, she always calls me back the next day. The last time this happened was about a week ago and he said that the conversation consisted mostly of her asking him what he wanted to do for his birthday.

9) She Seems Jealous Of Your Past Relationships

10 signs she not into you anymore

It can be tough to take a step back and realize when your girlfriend is simply not into you. However, this simple five-step guide can help:
Step 1. Identify the situation where she became jealous of your past relationships.
Step 2. Figure out why she may have been jealous in that moment. (Was it a one-time incident? Did it happen more than once?)

10) …And Even Wants To Talk About Your Previous Girlfriends/Boyfriends

10 signs she not into you anymore

It is hard to know if a girl likes you because they do not always show their feelings, but there are some signs that she is not into you. First, she might make excuses to not hang out with you or avoids conversations about future dates. This could be that the girl just needs more time but if it has been awhile and the girl still continues to do this then there is a chance she might not be too into you. Remember that women take their time when they like someone and know how to control the pace of dating better than men so if they are losing interest, they will probably keep things slower which could lead to her starting casual conversation instead of flirting with you.


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