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18 Hot Places to Touch a Guy Most Girls Don’t Know

18 Hot Places to Touch a Guy Most Girls Don’t Know

Think you know everything about your partner? While we don’t doubt you know your man, there’s always something new you can learn about him, especially when it comes to moves that will help you make the most of his biology.

Understanding the hidden erogenous zones for males means you can take him by surprise and drive him crazy with a new move or two. You might think you know all the places to touch a man, but there are more than you think!

18 Hot Places to Touch a Guy Most Girls Don’t Know
18 Hot Places to Touch a Guy Most Girls Don’t Know

What are erogenous zones?

Getting your man turned on is not limited to the area below the belt, you know. Other areas of his body are extremely sensitive to touch, vibration, and pressure. These areas are called erogenous zones!

Erogenous zones have a high concentration of nerve endings and contribute to the majesty of male sexual arousal. Giving extra attention to an erogenous zone during foreplay can enhance pleasure, promote blood flow, and relax your partner.

Many of the male erogenous zones revolve around the genital areas, but there’s much more than just fondling his penis and squeezing his scrotum. By learning the places to touch a man that aren’t so obvious, you can take your sex life from okay to wow in an instant!

Secrets erogenous zones for males you should learn to play with

We’re all different, but we can all agree that the following zones are extremely pleasurable. You’ll learn how to use your hands and mouth to the best possible effect to turn your guy on like there’s no tomorrow!

Here are the best places to touch a man to drive him insane with pleasure and desire!

18 Hot Places to Touch a Guy Most Girls Don’t Know
18 Hot Places to Touch a Guy Most Girls Don’t Know

1. The back of his knees

Our bodies have plenty of potential for pleasure in many different areas, yet we skip over many of them. The back of his knees is one of the erogenous zones for males you probably often ignore, are we right?

You see, the skin here is extremely sensitive and smoother than most of the parts of his body. Studies show that areas with little or no hair are super sensitive and easily build strong sexual tension for an explosive orgasm.

So, the next time you’re fooling around with your partner, gently touch the back of his knees, draw circles with your hands, and kiss him there to see what happens.

2. His inner thighs

His inner thighs are also often overlooked. Considering you’re getting closer and closer to his genital area, how could this part not be extra pleasurable?

Touching his inner thighs—or, as we like to call them, the pathway to his package—can really get him in the mood. His jewels reside here, so when you’re moving your fingers around this area, you’re teasing and enticing him.

Move your fingers around his thighs, tickle him gently, then press your palms consistently against his skin and work your magic. Trace the spot where his thighs and hips meet, and sensuously move your fingers up and down. Don’t forget to look him deep in the eyes while he’s in heaven!

3. His lips

We all know that kissing feels great. That’s because it’s utilizing an incredibly erogenous zone! There are many ways you can kiss and touch a man to stimulate him during foreplay and sex.

You can be as gentle or as rough as the mood calls for. Try lightly biting his lips and pulling on them with your teeth if you just can’t get enough of him. Gliding your tongue across his lips is a great way to soothe his lips after you’ve been kissing them for a while. Every part of your mouth is an amazing tool to use on your partner’s mouth.

4. His feet

You don’t have to have a fetish to enjoy feet *but if you do, all the more power to you!* Because there are so many nerve endings in our feet, the area is yours to explore! Areas such as under the ankle, the bottom of the foot, and the toes are all very sensitive and arousing.

His feet are the perfect spot to start your foreplay. We all have numerous nerve endings on our feet, but men have a higher concentration than women. Massaging his feet is both relaxing and sexy, so you’re doubling the benefits. Win-win!

Lay him on the bed, take his socks off, pour oil into your palms, and do your work. Start with one foot – take the foot into your hands and start making gentle movements around his ankle. Do the same with his other foot. Want to go a little further? Brush his feet against your breasts or your mouth. He will explode!

5. His underarms

Okay, it’s not the sexiest area, but when it comes to a sensual massage, you cannot neglect this part. His underarms are extra sensitive—sometimes to the extent that he simply can’t bear your fingers playing there. This makes it a great erogenous zone for males.

When fondled tenderly, your man will feel unimaginable pleasure, so add some wet kisses, gently blow some air, and let your fingernails dance and scrape. Start at his armpits, and go all the way down to his stomach. Caressing the underarms will get his attention, and he will want more and more.

Simply make sure that you move away and back to the area, to avoid the sensations becoming too intense. Some guys feel too ticklish here, but it’s a good place to try when exploring new places to touch a man!

6. His hands

We use our hands so often that we forget just how sensitive they can really be. There are many nerve endings in the hand that you can play with to arouse your guy. His fingertips and palms are very sensitive, which will make light, slow touches all the more pleasurable.

You can lightly run your own fingers across his palms, or have him graze other parts of your body very softly. Some men also enjoy the sensation of slowly having their fingers sucked. So, flick your tongue around his fingers and nibble on them until he gasps.

Make sure you’re making eye contact. This way, you’re taking control of the foreplay session, while creating a vivid fantasy in his head. It will automatically make him wonder what you’re planning on sucking on next…

7. His pubic hairline

Giving attention to his pubic hairline is the fastest way to arouse your man and send pleasure throughout his body. This spot is incredibly sensitive, so make sure you are playing with it very softly.

If you are doing foreplay, you can hook your finger in the hem of his pants and softly run your finger across this area. If your hands are preoccupied, try slowly gliding your tongue across this region and planting soft kisses as you go. Playing in this erogenous zone for males is essentially teasing him about what’s to come.

8. His F spot

The frenulum is a spot just below the head where the glans and shaft meet on the underside of the penis. It contains lots of neural synapses, which is why it is often compared to the clitoris. If stimulated in the right way, it will give your man an unforgettable sensation.

How to flip his switch? With one hand, hold his love muscle steady at the base, and let your tongue slide over this area. Give the F spot fast flicks with the tip of your tongue. Don’t stop doing this, even when he’s having an orgasm. Believe us, he’ll go nuts, so don’t be surprised if your neighbors look at you weirdly in the morning!

9. His P spot

You’ve heard of the famous perineum—the patch of skin that’s blessed with unbelievable orgasmic potential. It lies between his anus and testicles, and it has nerve endings that run to his prostate. Oh, don’t worry, we’re gonna teach you how to take care of his prostate, too!

As we said, his perineum is packed with nerve endings that magnify and increase his pleasure. The cowgirl position is the best position because you can easily reach between his legs and pleasure this erogenous zone for males.

While you’re riding him, press the area between his anus and testicles with the knuckle of your index finger – but please, be gentle. This area is extremely sensitive. Use your knuckle, otherwise, you might scratch him. Yikes!

In order to send your man to unforgettable orgasmic ecstasy, you need to mix up the direction as well as the amount of pressure. Massage up and down, left and right, and so forth. Once he’s near the finish line, press the perineum a little harder and watch him get lost in the ultimate O.

10. His G spot

We hate the fact that everybody’s so obsessed with the female G spot that we often forget guys have an equivalent area. The male G spot is the prostate—a small, walnut-sized gland located about ¾ of a finger length inside his anus. When gently massaged, it will give your man a powerful orgasm.

Now, some men enjoy gentle movements, while others prefer more intense pressure. Start massaging gently, and his reaction and response will tell you whether or not he likes what you’re doing. You can use your finger, your tongue, or a toy. Who said toys are for women only?

It’s totally okay if you and your partner aren’t immediately comfortable with exploring his G spot, but you should know by now that this powerful gland can lead to mind-blowing orgasms, and your partner is equally entitled to earth-shattering pleasure.

11. His abdomen

The abdomen is often overlooked as an erogenous zone for males, but it is one. Research has shown that the abdomen muscles are actually connected to the pelvic floor muscles, which can make stimulation on his abdomen pleasurable.

The abdomen, as well as the sides of his stomach, are hypersensitive to long light strokes. Use your fingertips to gently glide across his abdomen. Or your tongue, too. Planting kisses in this area, or using toys and liquid play will only enhance his pleasure!

12. His lower abdomen and belly button

The belly button is one of the lesser-known places to touch a man to get a crazy response, but make sure you visit here and just below. The lower abdomen is packed with nerve endings, so a kiss or lick here is sure to drive him insane.

Now, you don’t have to dip your tongue into his belly button if you don’t want to. He might like it, he might not – but you probably won’t! Still, it’s something to try if you both want to!

13. His ears

Not only does he want to hear your gasps and sighs of pleasure, but the ears are also one of the best places to touch a man for a great response. Believe it or not, the ears are packed with nerve endings and sensory receptors, which means they’re a key place to visit when driving your man wild.

Lick, nibble, wet them, blow on them, and remember to make a few sexy noises in his ear at the same time. This erogenous zone for males drives them wild with lust.

14. His lower back

This one might be difficult if he’s laid flat on his back, but if he’s sitting or in a position that allows you to touch his lower back, he’ll thank you for it!

You need to aim for the sacrum, which is also known as the small of the back. Be gentle here as it’s very sensitive, but a swirling motion with your fingers or brushing against it will make him feel extra pleasure on top of what he’s already feeling.

15. His neck

Don’t miss his neck! Kissing, licking, and even nibbling will drive him crazy in this area. When looking for an arousing place to touch a man, focus on the most sensitive part of the neck is the nape, or the back of the neck. Give this spot extra attention and you’ll make him crazy with desire. This is an erogenous zone for males that can really get you the results you’re after.

Just remember that nibbling or sucking too hard can cause hickies – and not everyone wants to turn up to work the next day with one!

16. His nipples

Some guys don’t feel a huge amount when their nipples are sucked, licked, or even nibbled, but some guys do. You’ll need to work out where your guy is on the sensitivity scale here.

It’s definitely one of the erogenous zones for males that is often overlooked, so make sure you pay a little attention to his nipples and see how he responds.

17. His inner wrists

By lightly running your fingers over his inner wrist, you can sexually arouse your man. The skin on the inside of the wrist is delicate, thin, and soft, so be sure not to be too rough on him.

Gently nibbling, sucking, or running your tongue on the inside of his wrist is sure to get him going. This is an underrated erogenous zone for males, but it is great!

18. His scalp

The scalp is a very sensitive part of the body because it has many nerve endings, hence why scalp massages and running your hands through your man’s hair are so enjoyable.

Touching your guy’s scalp could mean gently running your hands through his hair, or even roughly pulling his hair back. Doing either of these is sure to send pleasure all throughout his body.

Tips to stimulate erogenous zones

If this is your first time incorporating erogenous zones into your activity in the bedroom, it is important that you know and follow these tips to make it a fun and arousing time for you both!

1. Check with your partner first

We all have erogenous zones, and although some of them are objectively pleasurable, everyone reacts to sensations differently. You must check in with your partner and ensure these areas of stimulation are actually pleasurable for him.

If your partner is comfortable with you exploring his body, feel free to do so, but don’t forget to check in on him and ask how things feel. Not only will this help you get to know your partner’s body more, but you are also making sure sexy time is enjoyable for the both of you.

2. Experiment with your partner

Experimenting with different sensations on your man is an exciting and fun way to play with his erogenous zones in the bedroom. His different erogenous zones will have a different response to each stimulus, so give it a try!

Use your hands, mouth, and other parts of your body when touching him. You can experiment with different toys such as sex toys that vibrate, suck, blow, or tickle.

Blindfold him or tie him up so his sensations are restricted. Temperature play is a popular and fun way to explore and touch a man as well. This includes using a lubricant on him, tracing an ice cube over his erogenous zones, or even candle wax play *when used safely.*

3. Take your time

There is no rush to stimulate all of his erogenous zones, so take your time with each one. The longer you play in one of his zones, the more aroused he will become. Teasing him in an erogenous zone will only build up the tension and enhance his sexual pleasure.

Stimulating all of his zones will not make him aroused any faster, in fact, it might overwhelm him and turn him off completely. Instead, take it slow and prioritize one or two zones at a time. Enjoy the experience and be gentle on him.

18 Hot Places to Touch a Guy Most Girls Don’t Know

48 Sexy Secrets to Have Better Sex & Explore New Things to Try in Bed


A fulfilling and better sex life puts more than a smile on your face – it will bring you and your partner closer together. What’s next? Learn how to make sex better!

Have Better Sex and make sex better

You’ve probably read a few “revamp your sex life” features and they’ve probably all told you to switch it up. Well, thanks for the info, Einstein. But people forget that sex isn’t just physical, it’s mental and emotional as well. And knowing how to make sex better takes more than just a strong pelvis and a few good moves.


If you want to enjoy your sex life more, you need to focus on the whole experience. It’s not just about trying a few different positions out, although that will definitely help. It’s about mixing things up, creating a sexy environment, and feeling as relaxed and aroused as it’s possible to be.


The good news is that anyone can learn how to make sex better and have a totally enjoyable and satisfying sex life. There are no qualifications or boxes you need to tick.


It’s simply a case of putting in some effort and making sex a priority in your life.

Why a good sex life is healthy


Sex is not just something we do to procreate. It’s something we do because it’s fun! But, a healthy sex life has some other fantastic benefits too.


A couple who enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life are likely to be closer and have a stronger relationship. On top of that, stress counts as a form of exercise, which could help to keep your risk of weight issues in check. Regular sex can boost your immune system, relieve stress, and even lower your blood pressure.

Don’t fall into a sex dip


When you’re busy at work or life is simply a little too stressful, it’s very easy for your sex life to become stuck in an almighty dip. You end up doing the same things every single time, or worse still, you don’t do it much at all – if ever. That won’t do!


The only person you have to blame if this happens is yourself – or your partner, but probably both of you if truth be told.

If you allow sex to fall down the priority list, it’s sure to become boring and less enjoyable. But, if you focus on new and exciting things to try, you’ll quickly understand how sex could become your new favorite hobby!

Don’t worry if you think that you and your partner have fallen into a sex dip. Just know that it’s possible to get out of it with a little work and effort. Simply identify what it is that’s caused your dip to happen and then figure out how to climb out together.

Handily, we’re going to talk about a few ways you can learn how to make sex better.

How to make sex better in the best possible ways


If you’ve been having sex for a while, then you’ll understand the connection between body, mind, and soul. If you’re really stressed out, you won’t be able to get turned on as quickly. Why? Because your mind is somewhere else entirely.


So, let’s get to the real tips for how to make sex better. You might find that the results come a little faster than you imagined.


For sure, there are worse things you could be spending your time doing, right?

1. Acknowledge that your sex life could be better


This is the first step. Don’t live in some fantasy realm where you’re in denial of your sex life being yawn-worthy. What happens is that you may start to feel resentful, and thus, it may give you wandering eyes. If you’re pleased with your sex life, you have to accept it and let your partner know.

2. Look at what’s blocking you


Are you unable to have a satisfying sex life because you work all day and you’re tired? Do you have kids? Is your partner not present?

You need to see what’s preventing you from obtaining mind-blowing sex. Only then can you work out what to do about it.

3. Don’t blame it on your sex drive


Listen, your sex drive is fine. People like to blame it on their low sex drive, but that’s not the case. You’re bored. We bet if another person came and had you orgasm like an alarm clock, you’d be horny every day.

So, don’t be that person to call yourself broken. Unless you’ve been properly diagnosed, don’t waste your money on pharmaceuticals. Instead, buy a vibrator and a whip.

4. Reduce stress


Stress is probably one of the reasons why you’re not having amazing sex. Why? Because stress is a cockblocker. It does not make you horny, it has the opposite effect.

When stressed, an individual’s sexual interest reduces by 80-90%.

To prevent this from happening to you, you need to partake in activities that reduce stress and be open with your feelings. Bottling up emotions will ruin your sex life.

5. Orgasms start in the brain

Oh, we know what you’re thinking. However, you’re wrong. Orgasming is all mental, especially for women.

So, to remove that mental wall you built up, you’re going to need to practice mindfulness. Learn to be present in the moment and block out all other thoughts that could distract you from enjoying the sexy moment you’re in.

6. Not every orgasm will blow your mind


We know you want every orgasm to literally knock your socks off and leave you unable to speak proper sentences, but it’s not like that. Some days you’ll have an orgasm that’s similar to chewing on a celery stick. While other days, you’ll lose the ability to function.


This will all depend on the level of stress, where you are mentally, and of course, where you were stimulated. Clitoral stimulation may give you a different orgasmic reaction compared to anal.

7. Self-love is necessary


Shockingly, how you see yourself and your body is hugely connected to sex. If you don’t have a high regard for yourself, well, you probably don’t want to be as sexually open and free. Why? Because right now you’re concerned about how your face looks or that extra jiggle in your stomach.


Of course, boosting body confidence isn’t easy, but it will improve your life tenfold.

Start by looking at yourself in the mirror and identify five things you like about your physical appearance.

The next day, add another five. Sometimes, you might struggle to come up with something, but keep pushing on. It can be small, big, or somewhere in between, but the more you focus on the things you like, you’ll forget the things you don’t.

8. It’s all about the clit


Whether you’re a woman or a guy who’s trying to figure out how to have better sex, you should know that it’s all about the clit. The clit is like the mothership of achieving mind-blowing sex.

Sadly, penis-to-vagina intercourse isn’t the breadwinner of orgasms. However, the clit seems to be the way most women get off. When in doubt, focus on the clit.

9. Hitting the O is your job

We know you don’t want to hear this, but having an orgasm is your responsibility. Sure, your partner can help you get one, but you’re the one who’s in control of your body and mind.

So, basically, if you want to make sex better, you give yourself an orgasm. That means masturbating and knowing what you like, then communicating it to your partner. It means pushing intrusive thoughts out of your head and focusing on the moment.

10. Check your meds


Now, maybe at one point, you used to love having amazing sex. However, life happens, and now you’re on medication for a particular health issue and now you feel uninspired. Your meds could be contributing to your lack of orgasm and connection to your partner.


If you suspect that to be the case, make an appointment with your doctor and have a chat. Find out if the medication you’re taking has low libido as a side effect and if so, find out if there are alternatives you can take, or what you can do naturally to boost your sex drive.

It goes without saying that you should never simply stop taking your medication.

11. Leave the distractions at the door


Distractions are another killer of great sex. We know it’s hard, but turn your phone on silent. Okay, if you have to get back to the office, set an alarm, and then just enjoy the moment in between then.

12. Practice on your own


The only way you’ll be able to orgasm with someone is if you know your own body and what turns it on. Spend the extra time alone and just explore yourself.


That way, when you’re having sex, you’ll be able to direct the other person so that they’ll be able to give you that orgasm you’ve been looking for.

13. Explore your kinks and new positions

If you’re not getting the sex you want, well, you need to change that. Why not explore your sexuality and discover things that turn you on?

Maybe you’d like to try a strap-on or use a vibrator. Talk to your partner and tell them how you feel. You may find it awkward at first, but, trust us, it’ll be worth it.

Try new sex positions and look online to find ones that pique your interest. Also, what are your fantasies? Whisper them in your partner’s ear and look at their reaction. Get them to explain theirs to you.

14. Remember to communicate


If you haven’t had an orgasm, don’t fake it. Oh come on people, we’re well into the 2020s! What happened to open communication? Be honest with your partner.


You haven’t had an orgasm? Great, now we can focus on getting you to have one. Don’t like doggy style? Great, let your partner know that it doesn’t turn you on – in a gentle way, of course.

Communication is the cornerstone of good-quality sex. Your partner isn’t a mind reader and they don’t know what you like unless you tell them. Also, you won’t know what they like unless you hear it from them.

You can try dirty talk, or you can just talk regularly and get down to it!

15. Don’t put pressure on yourself


All too often, we put way too much pressure on ourselves in the bedroom. Focus on the journey rather than the destination.

Yes, we know, you want an orgasm but sometimes you won’t have one. It’s that simple. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the journey towards it.

The more you relax, the more likely you are to climax anyway.

16. Leave comparisons at the door


Never compare your sex life to anyone else’s – everyone is different. We all like different things and have different desires. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another person.


So, forget comparing your sex life to your friends’ romps between the sheets. They might not even be telling you the truth.

17. Set the scene


Do you remember how at the start of this feature, we mentioned that sex is a mind, body, and soul experience? That means you need to be relaxed and open to enjoying the moment. The best way to do that is to set the scene.


Think low lighting, candles, gentle music, and comfortable bedding. Anything too harsh or distracting is just going to take your attention away from the moment. That’s not what you want!

18. Try a relaxing massage or a warm bath

Following on from setting the scene, you need to get both of you in the right frame of mind. Totally relaxed, chilled out, and ready for sexy fun!

Why not have a warm bath together and explore the sensation of being naked together in the water? Or, take turns giving massages to one another, avoiding the parts that you really want to touch.

19. Choose the right moment


Learning how to make sex better means choosing the right moment. Sure, you might think a quickie before work is super-fun, but it adds pressure because there’s a time constraint. That could limit your chances of having an orgasm.


Instead, choose a time when you both have nothing planned and plenty of space to enjoy what’s going on.

20. Just do it!


That’s right, people. You can read all of these tips, but unless you take action, they mean nothing. In order to learn how to make sex better, you need to do it.

You may not feel like having sex either, which we understand is normal. However, don’t let that become a habit – because that’s not helping anyone. Ironically, the more sex you have, the more you usually want!

21. Address any problems unrelated to sex


If you and your partner have any issues, even if they’re not related to sex, you need to get them squared away if you want your sex to be anything more than just okay. Having issues within your relationship can cause tension during sex, even if you don’t realize it.

Any pent-up anger or resentment you have towards your partner could be at least part of the reason you’re not enjoying sex as much as you could be. Fix your issues first, then calmly and carefully let your partner know about anything that may be bothering you.

22. Be spontaneous


Unexpected sex is amazing. When you have spontaneous sex, it’s easier to let go of everything else and just focus on the moment at hand. It also adds a level of excitement that you just can’t get when you’ve basically penciled sex into your schedule.

23. Take your time

Why does it seem like people are always rushing to have sex and rushing for it to be over? It’s turned into one of those “get this over with” events that leave people unsatisfied and complaining.

Slow down, take in the moment, and don’t rush for completion.

24. Stop thinking so much


If your partner asks what you’re thinking about during sex and you’re embarrassed to answer, because you’re really thinking about laundry, your sex probably isn’t that great.


Every time your mind wanders to groceries, what’s for supper, or what’s wrong with your car, refocus your energy back on your significant other. You’ll be surprised at how much this little thing can change your sex life for the better.

25. Please your partner

Did you know that couples who rank their sex life higher also rank their ability to please their partner higher as well? Since we’re all creatures that love making other people happy, if you please your partner, you will actually feel more pleasure yourself, too.

26. Feel connected to your partner

Having empty sex is never going to be as fulfilling as having sex with someone you care deeply about. Because you feel such a connection with the person, it’s going to make you care more about them, and they’ll care more about pleasing you as well.

So if there’s anything getting in the way of allowing yourself to fully connect with your significant other, find a way to fix it so you can have better sex.

27. Focus on the good and forget the bad

Most of us have a tendency to focus on the stuff that’s not going well during sex. Their hand is on my hair, their legs are in an awkward place—you get the idea. The problem with this is that it puts our minds in a negative frame, and that doesn’t make for good sex.

28. Exercise more


Not only does exercising increase your libido, but it also is scientifically proven to make you have better sex. You’ll be able to go longer and feel that much better about your body.

29. Try 7 days of sex


If you want to know how to have better sex, then do it every day for 7 days – it’s as simple as that. You know how practice makes perfect, and the more you do something the more it becomes a habit? Well, this applies to sex too.

If you aren’t having sex as regularly as you like, then have sex for seven days straight – it will get you back into the swing of things and hopefully reignite your desire for one another.

30. Watch some porn

It’s an oldie, but a goodie! Watching porn can really help turn both of you on and have passionate, mind-blowing sex like never before. If you haven’t done it before, you might want to ease yourselves into this gently.

Talk about it together beforehand, and try to find a movie that you think will work for both of you. Don’t dive straight into the physical stuff. Watch a bit of it first until you really feel yourselves getting turned on, and then just go for it.

31. Try abstinence


Another interesting technique is to actually ban yourselves from having sex at all. If you are a once-a-week couple but it always feels a bit dull, or you would like to have it more, why not put a one-month sex ban on your relationship?

As soon as sex is taken out of the equation, it can feel very difficult to not want to do it – something to do with forbidden fruit! By the end of the month, you’ll be ready to rip each other’s clothes off once more!

32. Get kinky

Try some bondage, get into spanking, or head to a sex shop and see what takes your fancy. Sometimes you just need a few extras to help you get there – that’s what they are there for after all!

33. Bring back the romance


Do you make your partner feel loved and special? Sex is not just physical, it’s emotional too. Make sure that you keep the romance alive in your relationship and sex should naturally follow.

34. Dress up


Good old-fashioned dress-up sessions can be just the thing to get you both super-turned-on. Ask your partner what they would find the most sexy, and then surprise them by dressing up one evening and seducing them then and there.

35. Act out your fantasies


Fantasies can become realities if you trust your partner with them. If you want to know how to have better sex, then act out your wildest fantasies… It can be seriously hot!

36. Talk dirty


Still wondering how to have better sex? Well, try talking dirty. Dirty talk is a huge turn-on for many couples.


If you feel uncertain or aren’t sure how to start, just take it slowly and you can soon build up to whispering filthy nothings in your partner’s ear.

37. Laugh more


Sex doesn’t have to be so serious. The sooner you can lighten up and have fun together in the bedroom, the more likely you are to relax, enjoy it, and want to do it even more!

38. Schedule a time for intimacy


And don’t cancel it! Making time for sex means it’s an important part of your life. When you place importance on something, it’s likely to become more fulfilling.


So, set a date night and then take things into the bedroom afterward!

39. Use lube

There’s something about that extra bit of slip and slide that can take sex to a whole other level. Give it a go and you’ll see exactly what we mean!

40. Do Kegels

Both men and women can do Kegels and they’re an amazing tool for your sex life. Simply squeeze the same muscles you would if you were trying to stop yourself from peeing mid-flow. Those are your pelvic floor muscles.


A full set is 10-15 squeezes and you need to do around three sets every day.

41. Plan an overnight getaway


Sometimes a change of scenery can be all it takes to your sex life on fire again. Plan a naughty getaway for the night and keep your mind firmly on the sexy fun you’re going to have.


You don’t have to go too far, you can simply choose a fancy hotel in your town! The point is you’re getting out of your regular setting and going a little wild in the process.

42. See a doctor to rule out medical issues


This is rare, so don’t panic at this suggestion, but some medical conditions can cause a person to have a lower appetite for sex. If you think this could be the case, simply head to your doctor’s office for a check-up to put your mind at rest.

43. See a sex therapist


Sex therapy is a very useful tool for couples who are struggling with their sex life. Sometimes, the view of an outsider who is trained can be all it takes to unlock your desire and passion for one another again.


A therapist can also help you to unearth hidden issues which you may not be directly aware of.

44. Try some temperature play


Trying something new is a great way to learn how to have better sex. Temperature play is a fun way to experiment and involves the use of ice cubes and perhaps massage candles intermittently to move between hot and cold.


It will drive your senses wild and you’ll be ripping off whatever’s left of your clothes pretty soon afterward!

45. Get wet together


We’re talking about that sexy slip-and-slide again! A soapy shower or a hot bubble bath are great ways to feel your bodies slick against one another.



46. Try mutual masturbation


The great thing about mutual masturbation is that it takes trust. You have to feel comfortable with the other person seeing you touching yourself intimately, but that’s what builds the bond.


There’s something insanely sexy about seeing your partner touching themselves in this way and you’ll no doubt want to push their hand away and get down to it yourself!

47. Try a herbal remedy


There are certain herbs known to help boost libido and because they’re natural, you’ll probably feel more comfortable giving it a go. However, do remember to check this out with your doctor if you’re on any existing medication, etc.


Basil, garlic, and ginkgo biloba are all good options.

48. Don’t forget about sexual hygiene


If you’re using toys, remember to wash them thoroughly before and after use. But, sexual hygiene covers other aspects too, such as having a shower before and after sex, etc.


Not only is it good for your health, but it also helps to make you feel more comfortable and confident too.

Your sex life is about to explode in the best way possible!


Now you know how to make sex better, it’s time to start practicing. It really is true that the more sex you have, the more you’ll want. So, what better excuse than just going for it?


Your partner will notice a change in you which will certainly kickstart their libido in return. Before you know it, you’ll be jumping each other’s bones as you did at the very start!

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