AB Godwin is guilty of using a drone without an operating license

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AB Godwin is guilty of using a drone without an operating license,On Friday, May 26, the primary court of Nyarugenge issue a verdict regarding a case in which Abed Mutimura, a resident of Kigali is being prosecuted for using a drone without an operating license.

The court sentenced him to two years in prison, with one year suspended and one must be imprisoned and pay a fine of five million Rwandan francs.

The prosecution was investigating AB Godwin, who is currently making music videos and movies, for the crime of using an unmanned aircraft in Rwanda without a license.

During the trial, it was discovered that he was caught in Muhima Sector, Nyabugogo Cell, Nyarugenge District, and that he was contacted by someone who informed him that they were going to hire him to take footage using drones.

When he arrived, those individuals immediately urged him to take out the drones and take footage, as if he was prepared; they were angry with him and when he took it out immediately arrested him.

The man pleads guilty to possessing drones used in the production of movies and music, claims he had no idea it was a criminal to own them without permission, and asks forgiveness.

some things you may need to know to know about what is required to get a license.

1. Eligibility for a license

Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA) issues a remote pilot license or certificate to applicants who are 18 years and above.

Among other things, the applicants may be required to present evidence of the completion of any training course in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), in addition to taking an examination that showcases their knowledge level regarding Rwanda’s UAS regulation.

The applicants may also be required to present certificates that show that they completed a remote pilot training course in the operation of a category of the Unmanned Aircraft (UA) that they propose to operate.

A flight test conducted by the authority for the purposes of establishing the remote pilot’s competencies may also be required for the safe operation of the applicable type of UA and associated UA control station.

2. Considerations on RCAA’s part

There are a number of considerations that RCAA considers during the process of licencing, including, the UA type, its intended operations, as well as the proposed system and area of operation.

The authority reserves the right to require additional mitigations commensurate with the perceived risk to security, air traffic, ground infrastructure and populations.

Thus, the authority may place a condition on a remote pilot licence that would allow the person to operate a UA of only a specified make and model, or limit the areas where they may operate it, among other decisions that can be made by the RCCA.

3. Cancellation of a license

The RCCA may give a notice to the holder of a remote pilot licence if there are reasonable grounds for believing that there are facts or circumstances that would justify the cancellation of the licence under regulation.

According to the regulation, the notice shall: tell the holder of the license of the facts and circumstances that, in the authority’s opinion, would justify the cancellation of the license; and invite the holder of the licence to show in writing, within a reasonable time stated in the notice, why the licence should not be cancelled.

The notice may state that the licence is suspended if the authority reasonably considers that there may be a serious risk to the safety of air navigation, and in this case, the licence is suspended from when the notice is given to the holder. The RCAA may, at any time, revoke the suspension

AB Godwin is guilty of using a drone without an operating license
AB Godwin is guilty of using a drone without an operating license

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