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Argentina new three stars jersey latest

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FIFA World Cup 2022 title winners Argentina will be getting a monumental update to their badge and shirt.Argentina new three stars jersey latest

After Lionel Messi carried Argentina to victory in the final against France in a thrilling match that finished on a penalty shootout, the Albiceleste now must update their logo to reflect the third World Cup title in the nation’s history.

Stars are a common way to signify the amount of World Cup titles a country has won. The Argentina logo, which is prominently displayed on their national team’s kit, featured two stars to represent the two World Cup titles the nation had previously won in 1978 and 1986. Now, with the 2022 championship also secure, a third star will be added.

Argentina kit maker adidas will need to make the update. Argentina carried the torch for the German kit maker in the World Cup. Of the seven nations sponsored by adidas at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Argentina were the only ones to advance past the Round of 16.

New Argentina adidas jersey with three stars logo

Argentina’s 2022 World Cup kit featured two stars directly above the federation logo to signify their two previous World Cup titles. Now, however, a third star is set to be added as the Argentine federation released an updated version of their logo just moments after claiming the 2022 title.

Now that Argentina have won the 2022 title, there is not yet any official release from adidas on when they will update logo and jersey.

Once it’s updated, it will be intriguing to see when adidas will put more jerseys up for sale. Often companies put these up for sale immediately, but adidas could also make the case that the current kit is set in stone with two stars, and wait until next year’s kit release to include the new logo.

Just a day after their final, footage did emerge of the third star being added to Argentina shirts.


Argentina World Cup winners badge

It’s also possible that adidas adds a badge to next year’s kit, or with an update to the current one, to signify and celebrate the 2022 World Cup title.

It’s unclear what the badge could look like, but there are a few that have gone up online through unofficial sources with unknown origins.

The badge could be located either in the centre of the Argentina kit under the neckline, or on the sleeve, should they choose to display one.


What adidas have said about Argentina World Cup title

At this point, adidas have not made any in-depth statements about the current status of the Argentina shirt.

The German kit maker did, however, release a short moving graphic congratulating Lionel Messi and Argentina. The graphic features five different looks of Messi throughout the years all stitched together to be celebrating the World Cup. The caption reads “Impossible is Nothing.”


Are new Argentina shirts for sale?

At this point, Argentina shirts with the updated logo and World Cup champion identification have not yet gone on sale.

Currently, on the Argentina official shop, there is still no new gear advertised for sale. Fanatics has begun selling some gear, although not the official kit, with a number of other selections featuring an “Image Coming Soon” placeholder.

Prior to the World Cup final, adidas had confirmed that official Argentina shirts with Messi personalisation had sold out worldwide.

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