Devis D’s song “Bermuda”deleted on You tube

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Rwandan musician David Icyishaka aka Devis D his  song featuring Bushali and Bulldogg
Bermuda“deleted on You tube by Nigerian saxophonist,musician & music producer Dimeji Saxbarrister

Due to his copyrighted saxophone being used in this song, Nigerian Grammy-nominated Saxbarrister chose to remove it from YouTube,This song was produced by Rwanda’s most well-known producer,Element EleéeH

Coach Gael, Element, and Bruce Melodie,   “1:55 a.m”. on April 20, 2023, they flew to Nigeria.

When Element Eleeh played the song “Bermuda” by Devis D in the studio where he met with Saxbarrister, the man heard it and quickly added his saxophone to the song.

After that, he pleaded with them to never release the song without telling him first.

Only a day later, the music was removed from YouTube as a result of the song’s saxophone tone.

According to information we have, this occurred after the Saxbarrister contacted Element Eleeh and he refused to respond.

For the song to be published to YouTube again, this Nigerian man is asking for $1550. around 1 800 000 rwf

Devis D claims that the payment should be made by the element side “1:55 a.m”because he paid for the song without being aware of the full context behind.

He claims that if they fail to make payments, He would take them to a tribunal.

The production of this song cost around 6 million Rwf.

Devis D's song "Bermuda"deleted on You tube
Devis D’s song “Bermuda”deleted on You tube


Davis D, real name David Icyishaka, Born in Huye, Rwanda on March 23rd 1993, he started his journey in music in 2014 with his first single “Kana ka Maman” and in 2015, his single “Biryogo”.

Known for his very sleek music videos, fashion sense and very distinct vocals, Davis D continues to hone his musical talents, and his audience gets wider with every release.

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