King Charles III set for first official visit to Kenya

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Esha Saxena Mandala
Esha Saxena Mandala
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King Charles III set for first official visit to Kenya,is reportedly planning to make his fifth visit to Kenya later this year.

This will be Charles’s first official visit to the country since he was crowned King.

The trip, according to some UK media is seen as part of an effort by the King to place the Commonwealth at the heart of his reign right from the start.

The Royal family is, however, yet to confirm the visit.

He is also said to be planning a trip to France that was canceled in March over security concerns due to protests over President Emmanuel Macron’s controversial pension age increase.

The ‘emotional’ visit by the King to the country is set to evoke memories of a place her mother Queen Elizabeth was before she ascended to the throne following the death of his father.

At the age of just 25, Elizabeth II was on a trip to the African country when her father, George VI, died back in the UK – making her the new monarch in February 1952.

“It will be a poignant moment. Inevitably it will be a reminder of his young mother at the start of her reign. Now, he is at the start of his, but he has the advantage of experience, too,” reads a report in one of the UK’s channel Express.

“It will also be an important marker for his reign that will underline how importantly he views the Commonwealth.”

His Majesty, it reads, wants to bring people together. He knows the relationship will change between the Royal Family and the realms and other Commonwealth countries, but is keen to preserve and protect the common values.”

Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had arrived in Nairobi less than a week before they were met with the devastating news.

They were there to begin a world tour on behalf of the ailing King.

King Charles III has already visited the country himself on four occasions.

His visit to Kenya will be met with mixed reactions at a time Kenya has continually raised several land grievances against the UK government.

Several communities were evicted from their farms by the white settlers during the pre-colonial period.

During the Queen’s rule, freedom fighters-Mau Mau-went through tribulations in the hands of British soldiers.

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