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Marcus Rashford Untold Biography Facts

he bears the nickname – Prince of England. Marcus Rashford MBE was born on the 31st day of October 1997 to his father, Robert Rashford and mother, Melanie Maynard, in Wythenshawe, an area of south Manchester, England.Marcus Rashford Untold Biography Facts

Marcus Rashford at few months old and at age two.
Marcus Rashford, a few months old and at age two.

The English footballer was born to a Christian family and on a Halloween day. No wonder, Marcus is a genius – a little boy whose down-to-earth personality later stunned the world.

The Manchester native came to the world as the last born, otherwise known as the baby of the house.

He is one out of four elder siblings who were born out of the union between his parents who are displayed here.

Meet Marcus Rashford's parents. His Dad (Robert) and Mum (Melanie).
Meet Marcus Rashford’s parents. His Dad (Robert) and Mum (Melanie).

Growing Up in Manchester:

Rashford spent his early years in Greater Manchester. He was raised in the tough suburb of Wythenshawe, an area of the city.

This was where he grew up with his older siblings; two sisters, Claire and Chantelle, and two brothers, Dane Rashford and Dwaine Maynard.

Not to forget, he has a half-sister named Tamara Rashford with whomever he shares the same father with, but a different mother. By implication, she is Marcus’ half-sister.

Marcus Rashford's Siblings. His brothers; Dane Rashford and Dwaine Maynard and Sisters; Tamara and Chantelle.
Marcus Rashford’s Siblings. Meet his brothers; Dane Rashford and Dwaine Maynard and Sisters; Tamara and Chantelle.

Marcus Rashford Family Background:

The luxurious set-up we observe him enjoying today is not far from his tough upbringing.

Marcus Rashford was raised by a single parent – his mum. She, Melanie Maynard, took care of her five young children while working full time as a cashier (at Ladbrokes) who earned minimum wage. Mel did that all alone – and lots more.

Despite working full time, there still wasn’t enough money coming in to make the family have a three square meal.

Because of that, poor Marcus and his siblings felt hungry. Severally, he had to wait for his mother (Melanie) to come home from work – usually at around 7.30 pm – before getting his second meal of the day.

Due to the inability to cater for the family, Melanie took other employment to complement working with Ladbrooks.

She also skipped meals herself to ensure little Marcus and his kid siblings ate. Speaking about the experience of poverty, the mother of five once told BBC;

 “I searched and found three jobs and if I didn’t do that, we wouldn’t have been able to cook a pot of food.

This was how difficult it was. Sometimes we lacked even a loaf of bread in the house.

Yes, it’s embarrassing to say, but we didn’t have it.”

The Quest for Childhood Survival:

Marcus Rashford’s family financial struggles (while growing up) led to the huge quest for his mum Melanie to seek survival at all means – for her children.

Interacting with BBC Breakfast, the England footballer once explained the decision his mum took in a bid to tackle their family poverty. In his words;

“If there was food on the table, then there was food. If there’s not, then I had to go visit friends. I only visited those who understood my situation.

Sometimes, it was possible for me to go to their house to get some food.”

Marcus Rashford Family Origin:

Officially, the striker is known to be of Jamaican descent. Put simply, Marcus Rashford’s parents have Caribbean family roots.

His father, Robert, is from Jamaica while Rashford’s mother, Melanie, is from St Kitts, a small Caribbean country.

This map explains the origin of Marcus Rashford's parents.
This map explains the origin of Marcus Rashford’s parents.

The Marcus Rashford Biological Father Claim:

Around 2020, an Ex-Ghanaian footballer by the name- Michael Boye Marquaye, made a serious declaration that he is the true Dad of Manchester United star.

The alleged Biological father of Marcus Rashford claimed his son was supposed to bear the real names – Jonathan Maama Marquaye and NOT Marcus Rashford which the football community calls him.

This is Michael Boye Marquaye. The alleged biological Dad of Marcus Rashford.
This is Michael Boye Marquaye. The alleged biological Dad of Marcus Rashford.

While providing photos of his youthful days so he could back his claims, Marquaye told a Ghanian radio station, Starr FM that he is ready for a paternity DNA test. In his words;

Marcus Rashford is my biological son and he knows it.

although we haven’t seen each other for several years.

Marcus was angry because he thinks I abandoned him, but I DIDN’T TO THAT.

people tell me to get a new story, but I’m not the type who looks for an easy way to get money or become famous.

I only want to make things clear and also, let the world know that Marcus Rashford has Ghanaian family roots.

Life before becoming a Manchester United:

As a child, little Marcus played the game with his brothers. Back then, he was addicted to playing his football in the garden, inside the family house and almost anywhere.

Marcus admits he was always breaking things and this development made his mum yell at his habits.

About the Marcus Ball:

As a child, his mum, Melanie, couldn’t afford him the latest set of toys like most kids had in the Wythenshawe neighbourhood. Nevertheless, little Marcus had his most valued asset.

It is a weathered white football which he affectionately labelled ‘Marcus’s ball‘ with a black marker pen. Pictured below, he kept it by his side at all times.

The trusty childhood football named "Marcus's Ball" was his most valued childhood asset.
The trusty childhood football named “Marcus’s Ball” was his most valued childhood asset.

After breaking things at home, the hyperactive kid later proceeded to kick his Marcus Ball up his family’s garage roof.

This time, little Marcus tries to control the ball as it came down. Little did he know that act led to the foundation of his career. According to Rashford;

“I didn’t know my Mum was there, watching when I kicked ball on our roof.

I could remember her insisting she’ll take me to join a youth club so I can play with the boys instead of  having me around kicking balls on our garage roof.

This statement marked paved way for the foundation of my youth career.”

Marcus Rashford Early Life with Fletcher Moss Rangers:

This is Little Marcus with Fletcher Moss Rangers.
This is Little Marcus with Fletcher Moss Rangers.

Melanie enrolled her scrawny five-year-old with a launchpad, a kids football centre founded in 1986, the year Sir Alex Ferguson took over at Old Trafford.

Little Marcus began life with Fletcher Moss Rangers before his sixth birthday.

Surprisingly, he started out as a goalkeeper – a position he drew inspiration from during his days of catching his ‘Marcus ball’ as it falls from the rooftop of his family home.

Learning the trade of being a stopper, little Marcus began idolizing Man United goalkeeper Tim Howard, whom he considered his first football idol.

Little Rashford is pictured wearing the Goalkeeper's trousers unlike his teammates.
Little Rashford is pictured wearing the Goalkeeper’s trousers, unlike his teammates.

Because Marcus Rashford’s Dad (Robert) coached there, it was easy for Marcus to have a solid start to life with the academy.

This was the only means for him to have contact with little Rashford as he was separated from his mother.

Dave Horrocks, the then Fletcher Ross Rangers development officer recalled that Marcus was on a “different level” when compared to other kids at the academy.

Back then, he gave Marcus a lift back home. He recalled that;

Whenever I give him a lift home from training, Marcus would get in the back of my car and – unlike other boys – he would immediately fall into a deep sleep.

When the car pulled up outside his mum’s house, Rashford upon being woken up, would quickly jump out, get refreshed, pick up his Marcus’s ball, and start practising on the patch of grass outside his home. In fact, there was no end to his ambition to become a footballer.

How Marcus Rashford got to United:

Early on, the scrawny five-year-old used his goalkeeping skills to save his team and also help them win a big tournament.

In that competition, there were 15 scouts from top English clubs who watched and among them were representatives from Man United and Liverpool.

Because Fletcher Moss Rangers have kept up a prolific supply-line to United in recent years, it became easy for top clubs to fetch players from their launchpad.

To name a few, Danny Drinkwater, Ravel Morrison, Jesse Lingard, Danny Welbeck, Wes Brown and Jonny Evans etc came from the community club.

Marcus spent a week of trial with Manchester City before he joined the academy system at Manchester United – at the age of seven.

Joining the Red Devils came amid interest from Everton and Liverpool. The youngster as seen below credited his brothers with helping him decide on enrolling with the big academy.

This is little Marcus looking so excited at the time of joining Man United academy.
This is little Marcus looking so excited at the time of joining Man United academy.

Marcus Rashford Primary Education:

While laying the foundation of his career with United, he attended Button Lane Primary School. There, pupils were offered free meals.

Participating in the school feeding programme helped to reduce the burden on Marcus’ mother, Melanie, who still toiled day and night for her family.

One good thing with Button Lane primary school is that the number of pupils on free meals was twice the national average.

Little Marcus is pictured here participating in the food voucher scheme. The fact that it saved him from childhood hunger made him vow to help hungry children when he makes it in life – which he later did.

Marcus Rashford Early Life at United:

Because his parents were poor, he didn’t get the means to transport from his family home to United training ground. Sadly, lack of transport fare made him miss some training.

At that time, Marcus mother and brothers worked – so they could make monies for their family.

Since they couldn’t create time to pick him up, the little boy eventually received assistance from some youth coaches who transported him to training.

The Motherly Plea:

When Marcus was 11, his mum, Melanie made the difficult decision of begging United to take her son into their digs (accommodation) – which was a year early.

She believed he would be better cared for and also, it would be less than one person to feed at home.

To the joy of Marcus Rashford’s parents and family members, the football-loving hopeful got accepted. It was his sharp instincts and well-cultivated footballing brain that impressed Manchester United.

For the sake of Rashford, the club went against their hostel policy of not accepting kids below 12.

Hence, Marcus became the youngest to be selected in their Schoolboy Scholars scheme. Upon joining, little Marcus stated his future and aims with United. Read below.

This is little Rashford just after he got accepted into Man United Accommodation.
This is little Rashford just after he got accepted into Man United Accommodation.

Marcus Rashford Secondary Education:

While at United’s famed Academy, a scholarship came his way thanks to the dividends of the club’s catered accommodation.

Man United made Rashford attend Ashton-on-Mersey secondary School, located a few miles from Old Trafford, in the town of Sale, Greater Manchester.

In partnership with United, Ashton-on-Mersey’s school’s aim was to back their pupils’ football ability with a sound education.

In summary, Marcus Rashford’s life changed completely when he earned a place in United’s youth academy. He attended a new school, made new friends and later helped his mum and family to get out of their situation.

Marcus Rashford Biography – The Road to Fame Story:

Still, at Ashton-on-Mersey, Rashford went to the institution’s Sports College. He studied Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) and also got a National Diploma in Sports.

Thanks to the Manchester United Schoolboy Scholars scheme, Marcus as seen here with Timothy Fosu-Mensah, Axel Tuanzebe (etc) got a taste of the normal world.

Marcus was the type who away from school, would give absolutely every atom of energy he has on the pitch.

In fact, the rising star became quickly fast-tracked, a feat that saw him rubbing shoulders with older footballers – four years his senior.

During that time, Marcus became friends with Paul Pogba, Ravel Morrison and Jesse Lingard.

Struggling with Growth:

When Marcus was 14, he struggled with his personality and growth. The young boy saw himself growing very quickly in height and not built.

In fact, his legs were growing very long and he lost coordination at some point.

At 15, he had the build of someone who looks physically older but in the real sense, was younger. Marcus was way ahead of his age and didn’t feel comfortable about it.

“While it was happening he was frustrated because he couldn’t do the things he normally would.

My boy was a little bit sulky and moody because of it. says his dad.

Marcus Rashford Bio – The Success Story:

Marcus applied sheer physical effort and extra training hours in other to know more about the adult he was becoming. He soon understood his body language better.

The rising star turned into 16, still in an underdeveloped body playing under-18 football. Competing with bigger boys took extra intensity out of him.

Just after Alex Ferguson left, Marcus – to the joy of his family members – signed his first professional contract. The young lad was super excited to begin training with United first team under the leadership of David Moyes.

Among all names, it was Louis van Gaal who placed Rashford on the first-team bench for the first time. This came due to an injury crisis that saw 13 United stars missing games.

Thankfully, Rashford was chosen to start his first-team debut which he scored two goals. Since then, he became a fan’s favourite and has not looked back.

It is worthy to note that Rashford was aged 18 years and 120 days when he scored his first brace for the Red Devils.

This was the exact same age that Wayne Rooney was when he completed this achievement.

It is a good omen indeed – one which has brought gifted him many honours. The rest as we say, of his Bio, will be history.

Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi – The Love Story:

Behind every successful Manchester United footballer, there must always be a glamorous WAG.

For Marcus Rashford, we present you with the love of his life. She is no other than Lucia Loi – a lady popularity referred to as Marcus Rashford’s Girlfriend and wife to be.

Peeping through his Instagram, you’ll observe he hides his romantic life – maybe because he is shy.

But Marcos Rashford is in a serious relationship with this gorgeous beauty (as of January 2021) who is likely to be his wife.

Who is Lucia Loi, Marcus Rashford’s Girlfriend?

She was born on the 4th day of August 1997, in Manchester, England to her mum, Vicky. Lucia is of Italian descent and she has most of her family in Italy.

She grew up alongside her brother called Alex and rumour has it that she is a twin.

According to a report in The Sun, Marcus Rashford’s girlfriend Lucia Loi has is a first-class degree holder from Manchester Metropolitan University.

She studied advertising and brand management and once worked for Manchester-based PR company, Sugar, as a PR account executive.

According to Lucia’s social media profile, she loves to participate in charity work in Africa, particularly Zambia.

She does help host educational and fitness classes for impoverished children. In her Bio, Loi said she enjoys football, travelling and having adventures. But above all, she loves Marcus.

State of their Relationship – Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi:

Both lovers are childhood sweethearts and have been reportedly dating since they were schoolmates.

The couple often goes out occasionally but prefers to keep their romance out of the spotlight.

Manchester’s Bem Brasil bar and restaurant – where Jose Mourinho once dined appears to be their favourite relaxing spot.

Judging by the way both are paddling their love life, a proposal and then a wedding could be the next formal step.

Is Marcus Rashford Seeing someone else?

The United sensation was once spotted with his mystery brunette who goes by the name Courtney Morrison – when he was returning from a nightclub.

Later, another lady named Lauryn Goodman. The media later found out it was Rashford’s brother- Dane’s girlfriend.

Marcus Rashford Personal Life:

This section explains his personality far away from what he does on the pitch. First thing first, Marcus is a man of multifacet attributes.

Outside football, he engages in other hobbies like playing basketball, guitar, snooker and participating in fashion shows. Not to forget, he is a big dog lover who owns a pet named Saint.

The Food Poverty Story:

As the coronavirus crisis hit the world, Marcus Rashford felt obligated to help potentially vulnerable children who are bound to suffer from a lack of food.

Remembering his own struggles when growing up, he pledged his United salary into action.

Marcus began supporting food banks, ensuring children don’t suffer from hunger as he did during his childhood.

Working alongside his mother in his Food poverty campaign, Marcus’ actions helped save around 1.3 million children. This feat led to him being appointed as a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in October 2020.

Marcus Rashford Lifestyle:

The England international is an example of a celebrity who went From Rags To Riches. Marcus spends his monies well, both on himself and of course, charity. Let us break down some truth about his exotic lifestyle.

Marcus Rashford’s Cars:

For starters, he is a huge fan of the German automotive marque, Mercedes-Benz. Next on his favourite list is The Range Rover.

Marcus Rashford Mercedes-Benz car products include the CLA, C Couple, GLA and G Class.

Marcus Rashford House:

As soon as he made it in football, the Manchester native first blessed his mum Melanie and brothers Dane and Dwaine. He built an £800,000 luxury house for them, close to where he grew in up Wythenshawe.

Later on, Marcus splashed a whooping £1.85 million to build his own customized house. We found out that he dislikes the idea of buying houses, but rather, building his dream home just the way he wants it.

Marcus Rashford Private Chopper:

The England striker boasts, or so to say “flex” in the most grotesque manner, and with absolutely no shame. Sometimes he keeps his Mercedes-Benz cars side to have a fill of his private jet.

Holiday Life:

Marcus loves to use his social media to show off his vacation cheer. Unlike deserts, he prefers crystal clear waters whose horizons help him reflect deeper on his life.

Lastly, Marcus is a huge fan of jet ski water sports.

Marcus Rashford Family:

The Manchester native doesn’t just see his household as an important unit. In fact, they mean everything to him.

The childhood memories Marcus keeps with these people is one of nature’s masterpieces. In this section, we’ll break down facts about every member of Rashford’s household.

About Marcus Rashford Father:

Robert Rashford, who is pictured below remains his Biological Dad despite recent claims.

Due to the split between him and his Mel, the father of Marcus Rashford became absent at the critical stage of in life children’s life. This act infuriates Dwaine his first son, thereby making him change his surname to that of his mother.

With a forgiving spirit, Marcus Rashford family reunited with Robert much later when their little one had made it in football.

Upon the reunion, one of Marcus Rashford’s cousins revealed that the head of the family “Robert has only had minimal contact with his children but he blames Mel for not allowing him to get close to his them during those critical years.”

Due to his earlier role in his son’s career, Robert still knows things about football management. He works together with his son, Dwaine, as Marcus; agent.

Unlike Dele Ali, Rashford bears no grudges against his dad. Allowing him to be part of his management team is a sign of his goodness.

About Marcus Rashford Mother:

Born in the year 1964, she is often referred to as Mel. Melanie Maynard is Marcus’ mum, a cashier by profession. During Marcus’ childhood, she worked as an accountant with Ladbrokes Online betting.

The mother of Marcus is a devout Christian, who from day one showed a strong determination of not letting her children go off the rails. The football community honours her for raising her kids alone.

In the absence of her ex-husband, Robert, she remained unmarried – paving no room for a possible Step Dad to Marcus Rashford.

Mel is appreciated for keeping her five children; Chantelle, Dwaine, Claire, Dane and Marcus all out of trouble when many other family members could not.

Without her, there would never be Marcus Rashford and United.

Marcus Rashford’s mother is his biggest co-worker in his Manchester food bank project. Both Mel and Marcus are very close.

She is pictured here taking inventory while her son offloads food items for their charity FareShare programme in Greater Manchester.

Did you know?… this warehouse where food items are stored is named after his mother, Melanie.

About Marcus Rashford Brothers:

The English footballer has two male siblings whose names are Dwaine Maynard and Dane Rashford. These three successful men are Brothers in spirit.

They have a bond that is forever unbroken. Here, we’ll tell you about the two male siblings of Marcus.

About Dwaine Maynard:

This brother of Marcus is the eldest son of the family. Born in the year 1984, he is two years younger than Chantelle Rashford and two years older than his next sibling named Claire Rashford.

Among all of Rashford’s siblings, Dwaine is the most inclined to soccer business. This brother of Marcus who resembles Jay Z, is an expert contract negotiator and the brain behind that £200,000 wages at United.

Dwaine is the Managing Director of DN May Sports management and also, a Registered Football Intermediary.

Dwaine Maynard refuses to bear his father’s name because he claimed Robert abandoned everyone and left after his marriage with his mother (Mel) ended.

Thou presently, he has forgiven his Dad but stick to his maternal grandparents’ name – Maynard.

About Dane Rashford:

Born in the year 1993, he is the immediate elder brother of Marcus. Dane is a bodybuilder by profession.

He is also Marcus’s most favourite brother. Both enjoy a stronger sibling relationship than anyone in his household.

Unlike Dwaine Maynard who manages Marcus’ professional affairs, Dane is less focused on football. We know him as someone who is more into computer gaming with his little brother.

About Marcus Rashford Sisters:

The England footballer has three female siblings. Two of them (Chantelle and Claire) were born to Marcus’ Dad and Mum.

The other (Tamara) shares a relationship with Marcus through his Dad. Let’s tell you more about Marcus Rashford sisters.

Tamara Rashford:

This half-sister of Marcus is a beauty queen who once made it to the finals of Miss England. Tamara is a marketing and communications assistant by occupation.

Tamara is a University of Salford graduate with a first class in International Events Management.

In 2019, beautiful Tamara was one of the 55 lucky finalists out of 20,000 women of the Miss England competition.

By just looking at her stunning beauty, you’ll agree with me she is worth it. Tamara is the same age as her half-brother (Marcus) – both born in 1997.

About Chantelle Rashford:

Robert and Melanie had her as their firstborn child. She was born in the year 1982 when Marcus’ mum (Mel) was only 19.

Chantelle Rashford was responsible for looking after little Marcus and her siblings during her parents’ split. Also acted like their mum when Melanie was at Ladbrokes working for the family’s daily bread.

Meet Chantelle Rashford.
Meet Chantelle Rashford.

About Claire Rashford:

Born in 1986 in Manchester, she is Marcus’s second eldest female sibling.

Claire Rashford is two years younger than Dwaine Maynard and seven years older than Dane Rashford. Just like Chantelle, her big sister, Claire lives a low-key life.

About Nicholas Rashford, Marcus Rashford’s Cousin:

The relative is his dad’s nephew, a man who once went to jail for a serious crime.

When Marcus was just six, his cousin Nicholas Rashford got convicted of murder, precisely in the year 2004. He was 18 as of then, which made him eligible to go be jailed.

The story of Nicholas, Marcus Rashford's Cousin.
The story of Nicholas, Marcus Rashford’s Cousin.

Nicholas Rashford was sentenced to 16 years in prison after fatally stabbing his school friend, Alex Doyle, who was 20 at that time.

The event happened during a street brawl and Nicholas murdered Alex as a way of revenge.

Marcus Rashford’s cousin claimed the victim “looked at him funny” and that he was going to “teach him a lesson”. He gave Alex Doyle a stab in the chest, which killed him.

As I write this Bio, Nicholas is now out of jail on a licence to witness the sensational rise of his relative.

Marcus Rashford Untold Facts:

Having journeyed you through the memoir of the well-celebrated soccer star, we’ll use this section to tell you more truths about him. Without wasting much time, let us begin.

Jay Z Roc Nation:

During the time Marcus Rashford first hit the headlines, international eyes also kept a close watch on him.

Surprisingly, one of his first admirers was the rap superstar Jay Z, who owns a sports agency company called Roc Nation Sports.

Jay Z and his Roc Nation company are great fans of Rashford.
Jay Z and his Roc Nation company are great fans of Rashford.

The American rapper was among the first that declare interest in the Forward. This came as they had success in making Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku their biggest football clients.

Unfortunately, the move was halted by his parents, who insisted his brothers must be his agent.

Marcus Rashford Tattoos and their Meaning:

The Lion Tattoo and its Meaning:

A body art depicting the face of a lion is just above his heart. This lion tattoo represents Marcus’ personality as an athlete. It means his personality matches that of the big cat.

The Scroll and Praying Hand Tattoo:

On his left shoulder contains a large scroll with the words, “Family Forever”. It contains the names of his family members and a tribute to his Nan.

This tattoo explains the love he has for his household and his grandmum, Cillian Henry. Marcus’ praying hand tattoo represents his grandmum’s hand – a woman who constantly prayed for him before her death.

The House Tattoo and its Meaning:

The left side of Rashford’s stomach contains drawings of a little boy playing football in front of a tree near a big house.

That little kid is Marcus, and the house represents the tough council estate in Wythenshawe – where he spent his childhood. The tattoo reminds him of his roots and how he grazed football as a child.

Marcus Rashford Manchester United Salary Breakdown:

The Superstar started out with £500 a week when he made his debut for United. As I update his Biography, this is Marcus Rashford’s current salary breakdown – as of 2021.

Since you began viewing Marcus Rashford’s Bio, this is what he has earned with United.


Did you know?… A person in England who earns 30,000 pounds a year would need to work for six years and seven months to make Marcus Rashford’s weekly salary with Man United.

Rashford works with Nike sponsorship brand and has a good working experience under his belt.

With no long-term business interests (as of 2021) and only Man United salaries + Nike payments, we place his net worth to approximately £65 million ($80m).

Gaming Stats:

It should come as no surprise that Marcus (at the age of 22) is among the highest-rated young forwards in FIFA. His only weakness is Interception – which doesn’t really count.

Behold the FIFA stats of the Great England star.
Behold the FIFA stats of the Great England star.

The Sir Bobby Childhood Advert:

Marcus once made a revelation about his good old days when he was part of a video with the United and England legend.

Even until his breakthrough, the footballer gets a constant nostalgic feeling of how big the honour was to draw close to the Legend during his childhood. Behold the video.

Marcus Rashford’s Religion:

The footballer’s name has Greek origin and it is derived from the name of the Roman god of war Mars.

However, the biblical meaning of the name Marcus is ‘Defense’ and is the ‘Mark’ in the Bible. With this premise, we can conclusively say his religion is Christianity.


We hope our version of Marcus Rashford Biography would help fans who need of inspiration from real-life rags-to-riches tales. Truly, he is among popular footballers who started out Dirt Poor.

The story of Marcus Rashford teaches us that through grit, determination and a little bit of luck, anyone can overcome their hardship and achieve extraordinary success.

Finally, it behoves Lifebogger to credit Marcus Rashford’s parents (especially Melanie, his mum) who played a critical role that led to his fairy-tale breakthrough.

Marcus Rashford’s father, Robert is not left out. He was among the compass that guided him in the early stage of his life.

Big brothers; Dwaine and Dane, Sisters; Claire, Chantelle and Tamara are glad to have a little brother in Marcus.

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