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Portugal 2-0 Uruguay highlights

We don’t want Brazil. Portugal’s first thought tonight when coming into the match. The Europeans controlled the game for 70 minutes of the match. They just wanted it more, as they proposed from the beginning. Not always in a correct way, not always with a plan, but knowing they wanted to win this one. 

Portugal 2-0 Uruguay highlightsclick to watch here


Uruguay, where were you? The Charruas gave 25 minutes of great Football. Pallestri was amazing from the right. Coming and coming, but it was not enough. One can’t expect to beat a team like Portugal by speculating. Alonso played it for the tie and the what-if moment, but why? They clearly have the tools to win.

Portugal is a team of great players that have no idea what they are doing. Bruno and Bernardo were amazing tonight, individually, but Portugal has a lot to work on as a team. They are just too good that their lack of coaching goes unnoticed. They, for now, avoid Brazil, but they need to work on being a band of brothers.

Great game, high intensity on what was a fantastic day for Football!

Andy Restrepo

Last one!

Penalty or no penalty?


That’s it guys!! What a game! And we still don’t know if it was Bruno or Cristiano!


Uruguay is K.O. The goalie gives the ball straight to Leao who passes to Bruno who shoots and hits the post.

El Bicho approves

Yep they do like each other!


Uruguay felt that blow. The South Americans are just waiting for the game to end. They keep running but you can tell that they are done. They don’t have anything more.

Andy Restrepo

We have 9 minutes of stoppage time. Which four have already gone by.

Andy Restrepo


With his classic hop at the end gets the second one for the Europeans!


The Europeans get the penalty after a VAR check!

Possible penalty for Portugal

Giménez clearly stoped the meg by Bruno who would have gone straight on a 1v1 with the goalie.


Bruno tries to get the meg and a possible Var check for a penalty.

Andy Restrepo

With the quality that Portugal has, they are finishing the game as if they were a second rate team. The bus is parked peoples.

Andy Restrepo

Valverde with the shot! But too far out for the Real Madrid player. The South Americans are getting nervous. They have to wait for their opportunity. If not the time is their worst enemy.

Andy Restrepo

Guerreiro beats Pellistri to give Portugal a breather. But Mattheus loses to Bentancour who has been amazing for this team. And here we go again for Uruguay.

Andy Restrepo

Triple sub! Out Cristiano, Joao and Carvalho – in João Palhinha, Ramos Mattheus

Can’t type all on a single line!


Portugal can’t leave their half. Uruguay get’s every ball! If you are from the European country the last 10 minutes are gonna be Nerve-racking.

Andy Restrepo

Uruguay keeps coming another player by Arrascaeta!! And the goalie saves it by coming out for the thorough ball!


Suarez!! Almost in!! Nice free kick play by Uruguay!

Andy Restrepo

Maxi Gomez on his first play of the game hits the post after a shot from outside!!. Uruguay is playing with all haeart!

Out Núñez – In Maxi Gomez

Not sure what to tell you here guys

Out Cavani – In Suarez

The ex-Barcelona comes in to tie it up


The game is broken!! The midfield doesn’t exist anymore. Leao loses to Valverde who goes on the break, who loses to Pepe that plays it to Ronaldo, who loses to Giménez and fast goes the game!!!

Andy Restrepo

Out Neves – In Leao

The Milan player goes in.


Finally I type! Portugal after a wave by Uruguay seems to get settled. And the South American’s want to build up slowly.

Andy Restrepo

Touch or no touch?

Come one! Just give it to him!


I’m trying to type as fast as I can!! But what a game. Now Pellistri on the right centers and finds no one there.

Andy Restrepo

On the break!! Guerreiro who tries to find Uruguay napping! Centers and Ronaldo can’t get to it. After Joao taps it to Carvalho but misses.

Andy Restrepo

Uruguay looking better. They moved up the field about 10 yards.

Andy Restrepo

Out Vecino – In Pellestri

The United player comes in

Out Godin – In Arrascaeta

First sub for Uruguay


Uruguay moves up on the field a bit. Passes on the 18th trying to find a through ball, but Portugal solid in defense. Suarez looking to go in.

Andy Restrepo

Portugal controls the ball and tries to keep the lead by keeping the ball. Uruguay will have to come out more and go seek the tie.

Andy Restrepo

Little scratch!

Just a little touch by el Bicho and puts it in!


Who else but him!!! Nice center by Bruno! And a small touch by Cristino to put it in!! 9 goals in 19 matches !

Andy Restrepo

EL BICHO!! Cristiano!!!!

Cristiano!!!! After the center heads it in!!!


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Joao!! On the break !!! Nice play by Bernardo who finds Felix and he runs from the left and shoots to the near post and goes out hitting the side net.

Andy Restrepo

We have a runner

A tan jumps on the field with the LGBTQ flag on the field. Gets stopped and lets continue!


The Portugal player is being attended after a collision with Vecino.


Corner by Portugal. Horribly played. Neves tries to get it up in the air after a short played and almost face a counter by Uruguay.

Andy Restrepo

The game starts as we finished. Hight intensity. The first foul of the second half is made by Bernardo. That tells you everything.

Andy Restrepo

Here we go!

Let’s get the second half started

Too good not to share

Casemiro on Real Madrid mode!

Want to see him?

Can he make an impact on the second half? Who should he come in for?

Bruno is on fire tonight

Portugal has made 8 shots, the most at half in their history, and yet none at goal.

This is a historic moment

We can say we enjoyed seeing them play!


What a game! Full of intensity. Portugal started out better and played 30 minutes at top speed and top football. But Uruguay leveled it up and ended playing a bit better and had the best opportunity of the game.


Center by Guerrero!! And almost Cristiano on the far post! And that be it!

Andy Restrepo

Three more minutes of our hearts coming out of our bodies. What a game. What an intensity.

Andy Restrepo

Corner for Portugal. Like I said there is no breather here. Bruno to the near post and Uruguay out!

Andy Restrepo


Het gets the yellow for not allowing the play go on after a foul.


There’s no breather here!! What a game! Both teams want to win this one and miss playing against Brazil in the next round!

Andy Restrepo

Mendes out – In Guerreiro

We have our first sub of the game!

Nuno Mendes

The right back has to come out injured just 4 minutes to the half!

Bentacour aka Maradona

What a play by the Tottenham player!


Dias heads it out! Uff that was scary for the Portuguese!

Andy Restrepo


He gives Uruguay a nice free kick opportunity next to Portugal’s goal.


Cristiano against 3!! He wins the ball in the air brings it down on the far post. The goalie comes out and he puts it on the side and Uruguay kicks it out.

Andy Restrepo

Portugal plays the ball on the 18th and tries to find the shot. Cristiano first but hits the defense and then Joao who’s shot goes out wide and the start again.

Andy Restrepo

BENTANCOUR!!!!!!!! Thought he was Maradona in 86!! He took 4 Portugal players from the mid to the the box!! And the goalie comes out of his line to stop his shot. Two inches more and it is Uruguay’s first goal!!!

Andy Restrepo

All eyes on him

What a poster pic!


Uruguay’s first breather in 30 minutes. They finally get in 10 touches. They play it in the back and slow down the tempo a bit.

Andy Restrepo

From the mid Neves to Ronaldo but finds Bruno on the far post, he heads it but easy for the goalie to get to.

Andy Restrepo

Cavani is too alone. Long balls to el matador, he wins it, but falls to Dias way too easy. And Portugal starts again. Uruguay won’t get far this way. They need to build up better.

Andy Restrepo

I don’t know what to tell you guys!! Another center that just by less than an inch didn’t get to where it needed. Joao all alone and Godin with the tip of the boot saves the first one.

Andy Restrepo

Bruno to Bernardo, and Bernardo to Bruno!! What a play. Bernardo hit that triangle button and made an inside pass to Bruno who didn’t control it just right. And amazing opportunity wasted.

Andy Restrepo

Cristiano is on top form today. His game is turning the clock back 10 years.

Andy Restrepo

El Bicho’s shot

The wall doing their job here.


Defense! Defense! Defense! Uruguay can’t get the ball! The centers come from left to right by the Portuguese! Shots from outside. And Uruguay just does what Uruguay does. Defend with all.

Andy Restrepo

The corner goes nowhere and we start again. Portugal get the ball back.

Andy Restrepo

The shot hits the wall and goes out for the corner!! But Portugal is on fire.

Andy Restrepo

Nice free kick for Portugal after the corner that was headed out and found by Nuno who was foul on the left right next to the box. Nice opportunity for Portugal.

Andy Restrepo

Joao!! His shot hits Giménez and goes out to the corner. Nice play by Bruno to find him.

Andy Restrepo

Cristiano plays on the right tonight. Like when he started out in United a lot of mobility. Portugal has no fixed number 9. Joao also falls to he line of the 10 and plays the linking up game.

Andy Restrepo

Corner for Uruguay and the center gets headed by Giménez but it goes out wide!

Andy Restrepo

 Bit of a breather! This has been a vert fast paced game. Uruguay with the fast breaks from a very moving Nunez and Cavani. And Portugal looking for Cristiano on the long ball!

Andy Restrepo

Ronaldo shoulder pass!

El Bicho in the house! The goat with a bit of magic!


Another shot by Portugal! Cristiano heads it to Bruno after a long ball forward. And the United player shoots right away and goes out wide. The Portuguese are looking better in the first minutes of the games.

Andy Restrepo


The Tottenham player get’s the first yellow of the game for a foul against Ruben Dias.


Wow!!!! Caravalho!!! Out wide with a nice shot. Nunes on the side with a throwing and the Uruguay defense falls a bit sleep and WIlliam received all alone to make the first shot by Portugal go wide.

Andy Restrepo

First shot by Uruguay!! Nice play on the left with Cavani to Vecino and the shot that goes wide. But Uruguay plan is clear. Fast breaks.

Andy Restrepo


Here we go guys!!! Let’s get the party started !!! First foul for Portugal in 30s.

Is just too pretty!

Here we go guys!!! Don’t move!!!

La fiesta latina

The game is does not start if there is no latino party!

We got anthems!!

We can hear the Portugal anthem playing!! Coming up Uruguay and then its futbol, football, soccer and whatever you want to call it!!!

Andy Restrepo

Qatar is Portugal tonight!

The stadium is full of Portugal and Cristiano shirts! We know who the home people want to win!

Capitán Godin

Godin will be the captain for Uruguay. No Ronald Araujo for this game. The Barcelona player is not ready yet to make his World Cup debut!

The people in the stands are ready!

People in Qatar are ready for the game to start! Only 15 minutes to go guys.

Football one love!

Let’s not forget this memory of Russia 2018!

Brazil puts Uruguay and Portugal on check!

Brazil just won the second game of his group. They will face the runner-up in Group H. It could be Portugal or Uruguay. They play knowing that if they win this game, they will have a great chance at avoiding the South Americans in the next round and maybe playing a more favorable team. 

This match just got more interesting. It didn’t need much to be one of the best games on paper on the group stage. But with this, even more. Don’t miss anything!

Andy Restrepo

Portugal fans in Nigeria

Is Africa with Portugal or Uruguay? I would think Ghana is looking for a tie here, and have a better chance with Uruguay in the last game.

Sofa’s scores for the players

Clearly for Sofa our partners, they think that Uruguay comes in better form than Portugal. What do you guys think? Portugal had to play a better Ghana team, that propose a bit more than a Korea team who plays a bit more defensive.

We got 11s for Uruguay as well

Uruguay with a line of five in back. What do you guys think? Is coach Alonso being a bit too defensive? Looking to play the long ball to Núñez and Cavani?

We got 11s for Portugal!

We got the guys who will take on Uruguay tonight! What do you guys think? Who is missing from this eleven? Leao?

Look who is in the house?

Hey there, looking good!! Just one hour before the match starts!! Cristiano has the eyes, the goat eyes for tonight I can feel it!

El Bicho seems ready!

Cristiano looming fierce. But who is that behind him? Bruno had an amazing second half the other night and the team will look for him to be on this level again.

Uruguay through the years

We forget sometimes that Uruguay forge the history of the sport. A traditional team that is coined with helping the game to move forward and reach the heights we see today.

Who remembers this 2018 game

Just four years ago Los Charruas beat a Portugal team that had just won the Euro Cup, Could the Uruguayans do the same today? Some faces have change and some have gotten older.

Portugal manager sends a message

Fernando Santos wants to send a message to everyone. The team is working and it’s improving in many aspects.

Portugal faces Uruguay at Lusail Stadium tonight, 28th November for the final game of Group H. 

What a game we have tonight for you guys. Portugal will play against Uruguay for the final game of group H and the final game of the second match of the group stage. This one promises to be fun. Earlier in the group, Ghana beat Korea 3-2 in what was one of the best games of the competition so far. The three points by the African team leave the group very tight. If Portugal wins tonight, they will be in the next round, but if there is a tie or Uruguay wins, then the group will be decided in the last game of the group.

After that Messi goal against Mexico, the football world will look at what Cristiano Ronaldo has stored to keep up with the Argentinian. Like in their best times at Barcelona and Real Madrid. Moreover, Joao Felix started the competition in legend mode, and it has been speculated that he wants to have a great tournament as he wants to leave Atletico in January and will want to have a lot of offers coming.

Uruguay will want to win this one after Ghana’s result earlier in the morning. The Charruas want their fate to be in their hands and not wait to see what happens in the last game of the group. Valverde had a really good game against the Koreans, but the team was not up to par, and he will look for Darwin Núñez to up his performance. 

Stay with us for the latest on the game and the minute-by-minute of the match

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