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Signs he’s pretending not to like you

Are you still wondering, “does he like you?” You should have a pretty clear idea by now, but there are some situations in which a guy tries to hide his feelings. You can usually find out the truth by checking for these common signs.Signs he’s pretending not to like you

If you’re noticing these, it’s likely that he’s crushing on you but trying his best to hide it. Only he knows why!

1. He starts talking to you and then pretends it was a joke

He starts to talk and you’re getting crush vibes, but then he changes tactics and pretends he was joking. Confused? It’s because he likes you.

2. He acts casual but often slips up

Do you notice small gaps in his behavior? Maybe he’s acting casual and aloof but then he slips up. These slip-ups seem to be happening more and more often.

If you’re still wondering does he like you, it’s likely that he does and he’s hiding it.

3. He seems sad or resigned around you

Sometimes guys assume that they’re not good enough for a girl and it makes them feel sad. Of course, he’s probably a great guy and more than up to the task, but he doesn’t feel that way. His self-confidence is dragging him down.

Does he like you? Probably, but you need to show him that you think he’s great before he will open up.

4. He’s overly cautious around you

If you feel like he’s got a big wall up around himself whenever you’re around, it’s probably because he’s trying not to show how he really feels. Our emotions have a habit of making themselves known if we’re not careful.

5. He’s curious about your dating history but never talks about his

Either he doesn’t have a dating history, or he’s trying to show you that he’s available. If he’s quite curious about yours however, ask yourself why.

If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t want to know, right?

6. He’s always around but acts like its no big deal

A guy isn’t going to always be around you if he doesn’t like you. Why would he waste his time? He could easily be around other girls!

If he’s always around but then acts like it’s no big deal, it’s because he’s doing his best to act casual.

7. He says you’re friends but never talks about other women

If you’re friends, you’re going to share stories about your dating trials and tribulations. If you hear zero news about the women in his life, it’s because there aren’t any.

Does he like you? Probably!

8. He jokes about dating you

If he does this, he’s either cruel or he’s not joking at all.

9. His friends don’t hit on you

If his friends seem to be treating you like their sister and showing super-respect, it’s because they’ve been warned. In this case, does he like you? Hell yes!

10. He blows hot and cold

If he gives you emotional whiplash with his hot and cold behavior, it’s because he can’t handle the way he feels. His actions give him away, even if his words don’t.

It’s likely that he’s doing his best to hide his growing feelings, and by the looks of it, failing miserably.

What to do when he’s into you

Okay, now you know how to tell if a guy is into you, what are you going to do about it?

Well, it really depends on two scenarios:

1. You like him

2. You’re not interested in him romantically

Your first decision is to work out which of these scenarios is yours.

1. Don’t overthink it

Maybe you’re not too sure right now, but you’re on the fence. That’s okay. Why not spend a little time around him and see how you feel then?

You don’t have to rush or overthink this.

2. Pay attention to how you feel and work out if you like him

When you’re in his company, how do you feel? If he’s not around, do you think of him? Zone in on how he makes you feel and use that information to work out whether you like him or not.

3. If he’s too cryptic, don’t bother

If he’s sending you mixed signals, don’t waste your time on him. He’s either not sure how he feels himself or he’s playing games. Neither is a situation you have time for.

4. Talk to him about it

If you’re pretty sure you’re seeing major signs he’s into you and you think you might be into him too, ask him directly and talk about it. Suggest a date maybe.

If you’re sure you’re not into him, approach this conversation carefully but let him know that you see him as a friend only.

So, does he like you?

By now, you should have a pretty clear picture in your mind of the real situation. You’re either sure he likes you, or you’re pretty sure he’s trying to hide it.

You need four of these signs to confirm that he’s into you. Anything less is too much of a risk. So, four or more, and the odds he likes you only get bigger from there!

Either way, you need to work out how you feel first.

Knowing that a guy likes you can feel like a very powerful position. But, that doesn’t mean you can lead him on or make him feel bad about it. Approach this with empathy and care and assess how you feel before you say or do anything.

Signs he’s pretending not to like you
Signs he’s pretending not to like you

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