Suspected drone targets Russia’s Krasnodar

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Esha Saxena Mandala
Esha Saxena Mandala
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The facade of an office building was damaged in a Friday morning blast in the city of Krasnodar, southern Russia, according to the region’s crisis center. Local news outlets and Telegram channels claimed that the facility was likely struck by a Ukrainian drone or its debris, citing eyewitness accounts and sharing photos and videos of the incident.

There were no casualties, according to preliminary information cited by the mayor, Evgeny Naumov, upon arriving at the scene. However, a residential building had several windows blown out. Naumov urged the public to “remain calm” while emergency services are working at the scene.

While authorities have yet to confirm details, popular digital news outlets, including Mash, Baza, Readovka and SHOT, all shared footage of the suspected drone strike. Some reports suggested the UAV was shot down by the air defenses, as eyewitnesses reportedly heard at least two blasts.

In one of the videos, an explosion could be heard seconds after what appears to be a drone flies out of frame.

The Baza Telegram channel shared another video captured by a local, which shows smoke billowing from an area near two cell towers following the explosion.

Meanwhile, Readovka shared pictures of the aftermath, apparently showing the damaged facade of a building that belongs to the Russian cellphone network operator MTS.

In one of the videos shared by SHOT, an unmanned aerial vehicle could be seen flying across the sky, but it is hard to verify where and when the clip was recorded.


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