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The types of friends you need to unfriend for your own sanity

Sometimes, you need to cut a few wrong types of friends and move away from them. Yes, it’ll hurt. Yes, you may feel lonely for a while. BUT over the long term, you’ll be in a happier state of mind and in a better place in your life.The types of friends you need to unfriend for your own sanity

Want to know the different kinds of bad friends you need to keep your distance from? Here are 25 types of bad friends who make your life, just a bit worse, every time you hang out with them.

1. The selfish friend

This is the type of friend who thinks everything revolves around them. They only hang out with you or do things when it suits their own purpose, and they won’t be caught dead doing something nice for someone else unless they have an ulterior motive.

2. The always unavailable friend

You know the one who always wants to get together, but when you try to make a plan, they remind you of how busy they are? Their calendar never seems to clear up, but they still want to be on your friends list… without doing any of the actual friend activities, that is.

3. The excuse lover

This is the friend who has an excuse for everything. They couldn’t meet you? There’s an excuse. They lied to you about something and you caught them? There’s a bigger excuse. Every single time you confront them about anything, they lie right through their teeth. And over time, your expectations from their stoop so low you don’t even care if they’re exploiting you.

4. The self-esteem destroyer

Real friends will love you for who you are, but bad friends will wreak havoc on your self-esteem in order to protect their own fragile self-worth. Whether it’s fat shaming or pointing out all your flaws on a regular basis, this friend needs a kick to the curb.

5. The bad advice counselor

This friend always gives you the worst advice, and they get their kicks out of your life mistakes. They might make you break up with your boyfriend, or convince you that your girlfriend is cheating on you, just because misery loves company. If they don’t have your best interests at heart, they aren’t a friend. Period.

6. The single friend who dumps you when they’re in a relationship

This person only crops up when they are single. Attempt to contact them while they are in a relationship and prepare to hear radio silence.

7. The user

This “friend” uses you as a wing man/woman, to buy the drinks at the club, to be the designated driver, and the list goes on. They won’t go out with you unless you have some kind of benefit for them. This one doubles as the selfish friend, and they are a bottomless pit of greed.

8. The friend you’re in love with

This friend is the guy or girl that you remain friends with despite being hopelessly in love with them. They are either oblivious or don’t reciprocate the feeling. Being around them will only either expose you to their romantic exploits with other partners *ouch* or the blatant fact that they only see you as a friend *double ouch*. Either ‘fess up or keep your distance.

9. The financially depleting friend

The one who always makes plans to do things that involve dropping huge amounts of cash on the regular, where you end up feeling guilty for wanting to stay in or saving up for that new piece of furniture you so badly need. They give you the “huh?” look when you mention money being an issue. You may not be on the same page, financially or otherwise.

10. The influencer friend

The one who will only walk around with you if you look good. They will give you a weird look when you walk out in sweats while they’re dressed to kill. They are looking for an entourage based on looks, not on actually building solid friendships for life. All these people want is an audience, and they really aren’t the type to be around for the long haul.

The types of friends you need to unfriend for your own sanity
The types of friends you need to unfriend for your own sanity

11. The yo-yo friend

One day, they’re your best friend, and the next, you catch them with matching BFF bracelets with that other girl they hated last week. This friend is always between friends. If you get on their bad side, they won’t be by your side for long, but will come crying back when they realize the grass isn’t any greener over there.

12. The “friend” who’s trying to sleep with you

These types of friends don’t really want to be your friend at all. All they’re doing is secretly hoping for your current relationship to fail or for you to get drunk enough to sleep with them. These friends will flirt with you and ask hypothetical questions about the two of you hooking up.

13. The friend with baggage

They are always showing up with a new guy or girl on their arm, and they can’t seem to hang out with you unless they have an “other half” present. These friends will dump you for their fling of the moment, and you should probably beat them to it.

14. The long-time friend you have nothing in common with anymore

You had some wild times in college together, and until now, they’re still hitting up clubs every weekend, while in school for the third time, all while they’re married with kids. You just can’t seem to find common ground, other than laughing about your old college stories. Leave it in the past. It’s wasted time.

15. The negative friend

Whenever you bring up something great, they bring up something in the news that you should be worried about. Whether it’s pandemics, the declining economy, the failing marriage rates, or how hard it is to find a good significant other in today’s world, they are constantly complaining or worrying about one thing or another.

These people will drain you of your good vibes and energy. They need to be avoided if you don’t want to be sucked into their pit of constant negativity.

16. The needy friend

This is the friend who can’t seem to do anything on their own. They always need advice on how to respond to their crush’s text, their clothing choices, and right down to the types of food they should eat. This friendship is exhausting and pointless, to say the least.

17. The backstabber

They smile in your face, but every other day, you hear something backstabbing-worthy from another mutual friend. Whether they don’t believe you deserve your promotion at work, think you don’t deserve your partner, or poke fun at how you gained five pounds on vacation, these are among the worst types of friends. Remove them from your life before they destroy your reputation.

18. The flaky friend

This friend is the flaky one, the one who is always making plans and then cancelling at the last minute. There’s no telling what kind of excuse they’ll magically come up with, especially when you feel like you’ve already heard them all before.

19. The jealous friend

This type of friend seems like a friend. But every time there’s something good in your life, you can swear you see their eyes go green. They may seem like a good friend, but you can’t help but see the envy change into pure jealousy and hatred when you’re around them.

20. The friend who lets you down

Who hasn’t come across one of these friends these days? They take flakiness to a whole new level. They promise something big, like traveling on a vacation together, or being by your side through a difficult time, or even moving to a new country for a year. But when you’re all set and ready to make this big life change, they drop the bomb and back out – and leave you out to dry, and all alone.

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