Top 10 Most Beautiful women in Rwanda

Most Beautiful women in Rwanda
Most Beautiful women in Rwanda

In Rwanda, there are many Beauties, There are those who have become famous and built a reputation in a big way not just by making art, but with the help of social media platforms like Instagram and Snap chat where they share their daily lives with thousands of followers.

The girls on this list have become famous in the country and some of them have started to earn money through these sites based on the number of followers.

Anyone who follows these girls day by day, can easily understand the life they live from the photos and videos they share on Instagram and Snapchat showing how they woke up, how they ate breakfast, what they chose to wear that day, their daily schedule until their cheeks are wet.

Almost all of these girls are followed by thousands of people mainly because of their beauty and the uniqueness of the photos they post. The life these girls have lived is just like that of Hollywood celebrities, where young people have become famous just by using social media and many of them have been able to own and share their properties.

The beauty of these girls is no doubt the same as that of all other Rwandan women, and many of the celebrities who visited Rwanda in different years in the words they spoke before returning home testified that they were satisfied with the beauty of the girls in this country.

This list was made after many people have been showing their love for these girls, and even following them on their social media, due to the unique features they have seen.

Only here are girls whose beauty is seen by everyone. Any who does not see their beauty would be deliberately imitating them.

1. Kundwa Doriane

Most Beautiful women in Rwanda
Kundwa Doriane

Doriane Kundwa was crowned Miss Popularity 2015 as well as Miss Rwanda 2015. As a passionate advocate for children and women she partnered with
Children Cancer Awareness and Breast Cancer awareness in August 2015.
She also partnered with Miss Kenya 2014 through Smile Train Africa in a program that offered free surgeries to 150 children who were born with cleft lip in Rwanda.

She also As Miss Rwanda, Doriane represented Rwanda in Miss Fespam 2015 and Miss Africa Continent in 2016.
Doriane is now a student in Ontario Tech University faculty of Health Science. She is now the Vice-President of an organization called United for Humanity Doriane is a Founding Member of Nyampinga Foundation. Doriane is the Vice-President and in Charge of Public Relations of International Rwanda Youth for Development (IRYD).

2.Nshuti Divine Muheto

Most Beautiful women in Rwanda
TNshuti Divine Muheto

Nshuti Divine Muheto was born in 2003 and won the crown of the miss Rwanda 2022.Nshuti Divine came as the representative of Western Province in Miss Rwanda 2022. She became the most popular girl on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as on MTN Voice because of her beauty.

3.Rusaro Patience

 Most Beautiful women in Rwanda
Rusaro Patience

Rusaro Umwali Patience Diana advertises one of the telephone companies here in Rwanda [infinix].Her daily life is  advertising for major business companies here in Rwanda

Rusaro Umwali Patience Diana was born in 2000,she use Instagram as her best platform.

4. Kate Bashabe

 Most Beautiful women in Rwanda
Kate Bashabe

This girl is one of the richest girl in Rwanda. Apart from beauty, Kate is also a smart girl. Kate Bashabe shows off one of the dresses she sells. Kate is also one of those girls whose beauty is seen by everyone, and she also has a unique personality.


5.kayumba Darina

Most Beautiful women in Rwanda
kayumba Darina

KAYUMBA Darina, Miss Rwanda 2022 second-runner up. she was born in 2000 she became popular when she participated in Miss Rwanda 2022

6.Maolithia Keza

Most Beautiful women in Rwanda
Maolithia Keza

Maolithia Keza was born in 2003 this girl in the Miss Rwanda contest became the first runner-up. this girl’s beauty is seen by everyone

7.Ishimwe Naomie

Top 10 Most Beautiful women in Rwanda
Top 10 Most Beautiful women in Rwanda

Naomie Nishimwe is a very beautiful, pretty, smart, and very talented Rwandan Model. she is the winner or the titleholder of the Miss world Rwanda 2020. she will represent her country Rwanda in The miss world 2020 which held in Thailand

Naomie Nishimwe was born in 1998, at Kigali, Capital of Rwanda. As of 2022, she has 5 feet and 5 inches tall height. she is about 49 kg in weight.


Top 10 Most Beautiful women in Rwanda
Top 10 Most Beautiful women in Rwanda

Umutesiwase Raudwa is  Rwandan woman who graduated from secondary school in Mathematics, Science and Technology. She was born in 2003 in a family of 7 children and is the 6th child ,She competed in MISS RWANDA 2022 She is now journalist on

9.Uwicyeza Pamellah

Top 10 Most Beautiful women in Rwanda
Top 10 Most Beautiful women in Rwanda

This girl is in a strange love, she and the famous guy The ben. This girl also competed for the crown of the Miss Rwanda in 2019. This girl is beautiful and also attracting people these days, especially males, due to her unique features.


Top 10 Most Beautiful women in Rwanda
Top 10 Most Beautiful women in Rwanda

Her real name is Mbabazi Shadia. This woman has become famous as someone who uses social media to promote her beauty. This woman also has two children with the famous music producer Meddy Sareh, and she herself admits that she is really beautiful.

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