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Your ex wants to be friends, why?

There are a great deal of potential reasons your ex needs to be companions. Do they just need to remain in your life? Or on the other hand would they like to monitor you? Do they miss you? Or on the other hand perhaps you cooperate or share a gathering of companions and it simply seems OK?

We realize it appears as though you’re expecting to be the most terrible, however prior to consenting to be companions with your ex, attempt to ponder their inspiration. Or on the other hand even better, simply ask them.

Prior to consenting to be companions with an ex since it appears to be innocuous, have a talk. Is it truly in both of your wellbeing to remain companions? Would it be advisable for you to take some time separated first so the separation isn’t all that new? You separated in light of the fact that it was best for you both.

Before attempting to sort it out, an incredible method for responding to the inquiry, for what reason does my ex need to be companions, is to ask them straight up. Without a doubt, they could lie, yet they could not.

In this way, before you attempt to find out the underlying story and gauge your choices, take the simple and straight forward course. Nonetheless, know about these likely purposes behind an ex needing to stay in your life.

1. To play around

Indeed, it isn’t perfect, yet this is a very normal explanation an ex would need to remain companions. This is somebody you know. This is somebody you have been with previously. Despite the fact that the relationship didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean you can’t partake in certain advantages.

A many individuals find it more agreeable and simple to connect with an ex than to meet another person and begin things without any preparation, particularly on the off chance that they don’t need something serious. Assuming you are into that, amazing. Be that as it may, this can keep you from continuing on, work up old sentiments, and cause a great deal of pressure.

Obviously, you are as yet drawn to your ex, however is that a sufficient motivation to remain companions?

2. Just to remain in your life

Your ex wants to be friends, why?
Your ex wants to be friends, why?

This can be positive or negative. A few exes simply need to remain joined. Perhaps you had a shared separation and are embracing a positive outlook. Being companions might be an incredible method for outdoing one another.

Yet, at times, an ex needs to be companions to watch you. They want to find out whether you are dating, or still enamored with them. Exes don’t necessarily in every case have the most upstanding goals.

3. To reunite

This is a possible explanation somebody would need to be companions with their ex. By staying in one another’s lives, you keep an association. You might depend on one another for exactly the same things you did while you were together. Furthermore, from that point, things might make sense.

However, this isn’t generally something to be thankful for. Assuming your relationship was broken, clutching that association can harm. Reuniting might be the most awful thing for you.

4. To control you

Your ex wants to be friends, why?
Your ex wants to be friends, why?

Indeed, this is a genuine pearl of motivation to be companions with an ex. Also, assuming you realize your relationship felt choking, being companions with this individual will probably be something very similar.

Being companions with an ex that needs to control you is basically equivalent to dating them.

5. To keep things show free in the companion bunch

This is a really fair motivation to need to be companions with an ex. On the off chance that you share a companion gathering or work together, outstanding companions, even on a superficial level, is the experienced thing to do. This doesn’t mean you need to be best buds, however being amiable to one another is all you want.

In the event that this would benefit both of your and your shared companions, it is most likely smart.

6. To be great

Sounds great, isn’t that so? An ex being great, where could that veer off-track? Indeed, some of the time, when your ex parts ways with you, they proposition to be companions so it relax the blow. They assume they owe you fellowship since they hurt you.

This can be fine in the event that you will talk sometimes, yet if you need to talk each day, this will just goal more pressure and disdain. Conversing with your ex consistently ends the recuperation after a separation and keeps you from continuing on

7. For friendship

Perhaps they simply need your kinship.

In the event that you can truly relinquish the relationship perspective and simply be companions, this can be a strong fellowship between two individuals that truly know one another.

8. For solace

Contingent upon how long you were dating, your ex might need to be companions since they are alright with you. You are accustomed to seeing one another and talking consistently and unexpectedly removing that is an enormous change.

Remaining companions with an ex for solace is human instinct. We as a whole need to be around individuals we are accustomed to being near. It is difficult to adjust to another existence without that everyday practice. Yet, this adds to the gamble of falling once more into an undesirable relationship.

9. Since you were companions first

Assuming your relationship was based on an underpinning of fellowship first, you might have the option to move once more into that with time. This will possibly work to be companions and feel you can move past the sentiment.

If so, your ex will doubtlessly come clean with you and say they miss your fellowship and how things used to be. On the off chance that you concur, you can work at it.

10. They need guidance

Your ex is somebody that saw you through difficult situations and drew near to you. They can wake you up to things you might not have seen and offer a ton of knowledge, particularly in the event that you have both continued on. If not, negligible vengeance can compound the situation.

The other issue with this justification behind being companions with an ex is that it is basically completely false. Assuming you need counsel from an ex, simply say as much. You might consent to be companions with this individual, they will request your recommendation, and afterward possibly connect when they need something.

Your ex wants to be friends, why?
Your ex wants to be friends, why?

11. For viable reasons

Let’s assume you purchased a home together or put resources into something together. It may not be not difficult to be companions with an ex, yet on the off chance that you realize you should see one another and be heartfelt for things like this, do what needs to be done.

This can be anything from having children together to paying for your accomplice’s parent’s helped living. These things should be figured out, and assuming that you are companions, it will make it all such a ton simpler.

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