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Don’t want to have sex anymore? Here’s what you must know

If you simply do not want to have sex with your partner anymore, it’s time you do something about it. Here are the most common causes, and we’ve also pointed out a few things you can change to burst the boredom out of sex.

1. You don’t want to have sex because you are not sexually attracted to your partner

The reality is that sex and love are two completely different things. You can love someone intensely and lose physical attraction to them over time.

Bodies change, and familiarity sometimes breeds contempt. So if you don’t want to have sex anymore, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner. It might simply mean you’re not sexually attracted to them anymore.

If you don’t want to have sex or are completely uninterested in sex because you’re just not attracted to your lover anymore, you need to bring the passion back. If you don’t, the rest of your sexual lives could be boring, miserable, and a breeding ground for cobwebs.

Most of us get distracted by the business of everyday life, and we forget how sexually attractive our partners are. All it takes is a reminder of how sexually attractive our partners are every now and then.

2. Hormonal Changes

For both men and women, hormonal changes can greatly impact sex drive. Men lose hormones as they age, which can make them disinterested in sex.

When it comes to women, there are many factors that can influence their hormones, such as pregnancy, childbirth, and birth control. Not to mention that a new mom with a screaming baby or a rambunctious toddler is not exactly going to have sex on her mind anyway.

If you suspect hormones are wreaking havoc on your sex life, reach out to your doctor to see if you qualify for hormone therapy.

3. Sex is too predictable

Are you so used to a sex routine that you can actually count the bed creaks to the last digit each time you have sex? What starts off as a comfortable position can soon turn into the only position. Don’t let that happen.

One of the best things you can do in this instance is to try something new and exciting. Sex is never boring, that is, unless you let it.

It’s the routine that gets boring for partners. Trying something new can be uncomfortable at first, but it can open the doorway to better sex. It’s about experimenting slowly and bringing in a few changes one day at a time.

4. You don’t want to have sex because of body image issues

Nothing dumps a cold bucket of water over lust quite like body image issues. If you feel that your body looks bad or “wrong,” then you will not be able to relax and enjoy sex.

If you or your partner find that you don’t want to have sex because of your body image issues, consider encouraging each other to see your bodies in a new light.

Go hiking together, or take a dance class. Admire what your body can do just the way it is! If the problem is severe enough, consider counseling.

5. You’re not enjoying sex or having orgasms

You can try new sex positions all you want, but when sex isn’t fun, the new positions would only get more frustrating. This is especially true if one or both of you is not reaching climax.

To fix this problem, you need to stop and take a step back. However you are having sex is not working for you both, and that needs to be fixed before you can move forward.

No one wants to participate in an activity they find un-enjoyable. If you find that you don’t want to have sex anymore, you might just not want to have BAD sex anymore.

6. Mental health issues

There is a lot of stigma around mental health issues when there really doesn’t need to be. Lots of normal, healthy people suffer from bouts of depression, anxiety, etc.

These conditions can put the brakes on libido big time — especially depression, which makes sufferers lose interest in things they once loved.

7. You’ve stopped putting effort into your appearance

Do you dress up and try to look your best when you go on a night out or for dinner at a great place? Of course, you do. But what about at home when you’re with your partner? Do you dress up and look nice?

Most people take their partner for granted, dress shabbily at home, and then are surprised by the lack of lust on their partner’s end.

But sex, as much as it is emotional, is also physical. You need to look attractive to get the attraction. Look good for your partner, and they will obviously feel sexually attracted to you.

8. Your sexual orientation has changed

Maybe you have slowly realized that you are actually gay, bisexual, or even asexual. It would explain why you don’t want to have sex with your partner, but it’s not an issue you can fix in this relationship. If you feel that your sexual orientation has changed, you need to tell your partner ASAP.

9. Impotence

Impotence can be very embarrassing for men. They might not want to admit that they have a problem and simply act like they don’t want to be intimate instead. Over time, this can cause a rift in the relationship, so don’t let impotence ruin your relationship.

Impotence can be caused by many different things, both physical and mental. It is a common ailment that impacts many men, so don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. If you or your partner is impotent, take a trip to the doctor to see what can be done.

10. You don’t want to have sex because you’re too tired

You and your partner may be sexually attracted to each other. But at times, work pressure and stress at work can make one of you distracted and lose interest in sex. Or even if you have sex, you may not really enjoy it enough, or you may end up not performing to your best, which can lead to more frustrations.

When you’re going through this phase, avoid sex until you are feeling better and ready. Otherwise, sex will continue to feel like another thing on your endless to-do list. Passion will return when you have more time to think about yourself and your partner.

11. Too much porn

Have you found yourself searching specific porn lately — like, very specific? If so, this newfound porn kink can actually make you disinterested in the real thing. When you wire your brain to get off on a single thing, it can be hard to un-wire it for real-life sex.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to give your “alone time” a rest. Take a few weeks off from porn and masturbating, and you will be interested in romance with your partner again in no time.

12. Too busy with something else

Does one of you love gardening or spending hours on the Xbox? Sometimes, even watching a few great shows on the television back to back every night can lead to boring sex lives. You could be having so much fun watching a movie every night that both of you might just give up on sex.

To make sure this doesn’t affect your sex life in the future, get into bed an hour earlier or spend at least an hour every evening cuddling up with the TV turned off once you’re done with the shows. It may seem quite boring at first, but you’ll see what cuddle time can lead to!

13. Your guilt and shame make you not want to have sex

Many people are raised in cultures where sex, even sex within marriage, is seen as a dirty thing; something to be ashamed of and feel bad about. Even if you do not feel that way yourself, your subconscious thoughts could be lessening your desire to have sex.

14. Your partner is just not into sex

Yeah, for all you horny lovers out there, this sucks, but it’s true. Some partners just aren’t into sex. The reason could be a medical condition, childhood trauma, or they could simply have a naturally low libido. Whatever the reason, you need to have an honest discussion with your partner.

There is nothing wrong with having a low or non-existent libido. But sexual incompatibility can kill an otherwise healthy and happy relationship. Be realistic about what you need, and don’t be afraid to walk away from an incompatible relationship.

15. Unresolved conflicts in the relationship

If you do not deal with conflicts in your relationship, they can work themselves out in other ways — like through your sex life. If you and your partner are always fighting, you aren’t going to be feeling particularly sexy afterward.

16. You the relationship dynamic has changed with age

As time goes on things tend to cool off in a relationship. Sex is no different. With comfortable routines and habits, sex is often left by the wayside. But that doesn’t need to be a permanent problem! Re-invest in your sex life, and you will see the rewards.

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