Harmonize: I have never received a cent from Single Again

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Harmonize has once again returned to the internet to complain about his ongoing issues with digital music download platforms.

The artist still claims that he has not found a solution to not getting royalties from his works on various digital platforms that distribute his music.

Through his Instastories, Harmonize announced the release of three dances to a  beat he had released earlier on Tuesday.

However, the artist surprised many by claiming that despite his Single Again song being a big hit not only in Africa but even abroad, he has never received a single dollar from the sales on various platforms.

“…Sijapatiwa ripoti ya mauzo yangu tangu Januari mwaka huu, sio mimi, ni Konde Gang yote. Kwa hiyo sijaona sababu yoyote ya kuwapa nyimbo zangu zingine…unaweza amini kwamba sijawahi pokea hata dola moja kutoka kwa hit kubwa ya Single Again licha ya ukubwa wake dunaini?”

However, the Kwangwaru hitmaker said that the relevant authorities of Arts in Tanzania are dealing with the issue and soon things will be straightened out so that artists can benefit from their sweat.

In the last message, Harmonize said that for now, the new songs will only be on the YouTube platform, indicating that his issue is with other digital platforms.

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