Uganda: 4 suspected homosexuals arrested

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Pierrine Umukunde
Pierrine Umukunde
Umukunde Pierrine is an entertainment journalist and voive over artist.

Four suspected individuals alleged to be homosexuals are currently being detained at Njeru Police station in Buikwe District following a raid on a massage parlor that allegedly offers gay and lesbian sex services.

According to Hellen Butoto, the Ssezibwa religion police person, all the suspects are employed by Cloud 9 massage add chill outs in Bukaya West Zone, Njeru municipality in Buikwe District.

She says that the quartet was arrested following a tip-off to the area defense secretary by a worker at the massage parlor, who was concerner by the illegal activities taking place.

“A female informant tipper the are defence secretary that suspected acts of homosexuality were being carried out, especially with Indians as their most preferred clients” she said on Monday.

She added that that sparked off a misunderstanding between the informant and her employer who later ordered men to undress her after which she was reportedly thrown outside the gate, naked.

Butoto continued saying that the informant told authorities that her employer has an artificial phallus (dildo) which she has been allegedly using on female workers, record those acts and later post the recordings on TikTok and other social media platforms.

The informant added that she was trafficked from Mbarara city to Buikwe District to work in a massage parlor, Sauna and Salon but she aas instead lured into lesbianism and prostitution where she allegedly serves over five clients a day.

Uganda: 4 suspected homosexuals arrested

Confirmed by Ms Butoto The police upon raiding the massage parlor discovered a Dildo, two packets of shisha flavors, Bottles of oils used for either massage or as lubricant for anal sex, two video cameras and a Tripod.

After investigations are complete, The suspects will be taken to court for prosecution.

Uganda has one of the toughest anti-LGBTQ laws in the whole world which attracts maximum penalties for people involved in LGBTQ activities.

That resulted into The World Bank saying it will not consider new loans to Uganda after the East African country earlier this year enacted an anti-gay bill that rights groups and others have condemned.

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